Friday, June 24, 2016

thrift snap shots

This week while thrifting I had lots of vintage to look at! My needlepoint loving self had three purses to ogle and I am not going to lie I had all three in my hands while wearing one myself.... This one was very similar in tone to one I already own, the clasp with finicky so no guilt leaving it behind.

There were about six dresses from the late 60's and early 70's in the store. I will admit the value villages I frequent have gotten a little crazy on their dress pricing every dress was $14.99 no matter the condition, the above one was the most wearable imo.

I do have a thing for 1970's sheer polyester dresses so I had to try this one on. It was my size but sadly the thread and elastic had gone rotten I could hear tearing and um holes showing as I was trying it on and getting it off. I left it behind since my sewing skills are not up to the challenge. But dang polka dots on top of flowers....

Below is what my change room looked like as I was trying to decide what to buy. The black needlepoint point purse was a NO BRAINER  I look for one every time I go to a thrift store I almost thought it was a mirage. I did leave the feather purse behind. I was going to pick it up for my etsy shop but the cost and shipping hassle made my leave it behind for another gal. It was so unique but the colour would not work me personally....that's what I have to tell myself. Lastly I did pick up another novelty brooch for myself because I can't get enough.

My monthly thrift round up will be next week with a better close up of my finds.
I can't seem to quit thrifing when I have fun affordable days like this one.

Monday, June 20, 2016

beauty items I have used up (aka hit pan)

This month I have emptied my shampoo, cleanser, foundation as well as some beauty items that have got me thinking about new to me products! I don't seem to "hit pan" on beauty items often so here are my thoughts on them and if I am going to repurchase or not.

tarte amazonian clay blush in celebrated: I bought this with a gift card in January and hoped being spendy work out for me. I made poor choices and sadly never really got on with this blush. It is very sheer as in almost invisible I have been pilling it on and am kinda happy it is on its last legs. The color if it would have been more pigmented would have been ideal I am now on the lookout for a cool toned pink blush. Suggestions welcome!

annabelle eye shadow in gleam: This is my go to all over lid color. I only own one eye shadow and this is it. I found a new one on sale for $3.99 so I started to use it already since mine was looking pretty grubby. If you want a subtle lid color I would 100% recommend this one.

milani baked blush in luminoso: I have owned this for more than a year it is very soft and easy to apply and blend. It is also very sheer and quite possibly better off being a blush topper adding depth to blush rather than a full on blush by itself. I have oily skin and I am just not sure how I feel about glimmery blushes... I will keep using this until it is gone but don't think I will repurchase...

bite beauty luminous cream (discontinued) lipstick in fig: I bought this in September and it has easily become my everyday lipstick. The only reason it is not 100% gone yet is because I bought a new one this the new year when bite beauty rolled out their new amuse bouche version of this shade. The new version of this lipstick is really wonderful and I can see myself using up that tube fast as well.

What beauty products have other used up recently?

Monday, June 13, 2016

last week in pictures

Last week I decided to "take back" a shirt of mine that I had put up for sale in my etsy shop. My attempts at ootd and selfies in general are pretty dreadful. At the thrifts old habits don't die hard and I ended up coming home with jewels. I prefer to buy my items cheap since you never really know how well they will work into your wardrobe. Case in point the above bird pin is a beauty but in real life it is way too heavy to be worn! It needs to be placed a wool coat or else it will flop over, not exactly an everyday pieces. I was happy to add a duette brooch to my collection, the pins can be used as shoe/collar clips or as a brooch!
On Sunday with the @ladyledcollective spring bazaar. The venue is definitely one of my favorites in the city. They usually host a spring and winter sale so be on the lookout this holiday season for their next sale. Rachael of @nettieandmin was able to capture the ambiance perfectly. I also ran into Sybil at the sale who was able to get another good shot on her insta account. 

Pictured below is Urban Eatin' Gardeners they offered some really tempting plants. I should have bought some kale and no that cute polka dot planter with the pansy was not $4 or else I would have bought it! Also pictured in Nettie and Min's rack.

After patiently stalking my peony bush to make sure it did not get hammered by a rain storm. I was able to bring in some blooms! I don't know why but free flowers are just better. I will pretty much have flowers in every little jar I can find for the week or so, whoop whoop.

How was last week for others?

Friday, June 3, 2016

current ins"peg"ration

I never grow tired of discovering new Winnipeg Instagram accounts or local shops. This past month I stumbled upon a few more ogle worthy accounts and one old favorite that posted the most most amazing photo.

@sustainlux /
I can across this site thanks to a Winnipeg Free Press article about sustainable fashion. Sustainlux is not a physical store but an online one based out of Winnipeg that specializes in eco or humanely sourced goods.  The prices are quite reasonable for what they offer, I cannot wait for fall to see what kind of sweaters they carry, the above grey one is perfection.

I don't dress in full on vintage (I always wear jeans) but that does not mean I don't appreciate girls who can pull off vintage skirts and dresses. I like her feed because she highlights local vintage finds and she has some really amazing pieces in her collection. I must wear yellow with aqua stat!
I have followed lune vintage for ages I used to love her blog back in the day (when it was more about vintage, now it is about travel, it is still good but I am a home-girl) This photo is so creative and fun! She will be selling her goods in person this Saturday at the @wildwoodrosevintage market in Old Market Square. I sadly work and am going to miss seeing what she has!

If you are from Winnipeg what are your favorite insta accounts?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

may thrift finds

May turned out to be a bit more exciting at the thrifts than April. I did not manage to find any clothing (modern or vintage) for me so that wasn't the best. I did however find some really great deals for under $20 I managed to pick up everything shown which is pretty great considering most stores are upping their prices lately.

I found the above 1970's leather purse and hair scarf at the Sargent Ave MCC. Both items are now listed for sale in my shop, if they don't sell I have no problem keeping them for myself!

I came home with some wonderful 1940's fired on glass pieces. The jadeite green bowl I have no clue who makes it while the delphite blue refrigerator dishes are federal glass. I used to own one which I sold, so yes I came home with two more. These dishes have added to my list of lids I need to keep an eye out for.

At the Goodwill I found a wonderful Vera silk scarf which I placed in my shop as well as a few leather belts. I bought the tooled one for me but it needed a new buckle so I bought the above one to steal the buckle. None of that happened I kept the top one for myself and placed the other belt in my shop as well.

On the last thrifting day of the month I managed to find myself a pair of 1950's sunnies. I have always wanted a pair of these, needless to say I was super excited about this find. Only a slight adjustment to the tension and these are good to go!

Next month I do hope to get back at being excited to try and find clothes for myself. I like accessories just a bit too much.
How was May for others in terms of vintage finds?

Monday, May 23, 2016

recent beauty buys

Here is a look at some hits and missed from the beauty buys I have been trying recently! I didn't link the items but put the store where I bought them since you may have your favorite place to shop for items.

essence sun club lighter skin bronzer (real canadian super store) this was a mere $2.99, it is really big and made for pale skin so I gave it a go. It smells like coconut and blends very well! It does sadly turn a bit orange during the day. I am using this to get in the hang of doing a cheek bone contour. I do like it and once I get good I may upgrade to a more pricey option or learn to use a lighter hand with this one...but I like it!

joe fresh highlighter in champagne (real canadian super store) I bought this since it was $6 and much cheaper compared to the expensive ones at sephora. Sadly I do not love this one, it is a bit chalky and is more of a glitter highlighter than a glowy shimmer. I have been using it for day time wear since it is pretty subtle and good for pale skin. It just doesn't compare to the champagne highlighters put out by thebalm or becca.

maybelline better skin concealer in ivory (walmart) First of all this is the first drug store concealer I have ever bought that was too pale for my skin! I was using the maybelline age rewind concealer but it was just too dark. That being said this would be a good option for pale skin girls. It is lightweight and blends really nice it does remind me of the urban decay naked skin concealer but I just don't find that it covers under eye circles all that good. I bought it so I will use it. 

tata harper resurfacing mask (sample, sephora) I love enzyme masks, this is an all natural product so it was worth a try. I got three full masks out of this and well I didn't really love it. It is $80 for an ounce and I expected more. It does spread and wash off easily I just didn't have any tingling aka its working with it. My skin did feel tight and cleaned out after use but not enough to justify the price.

boscia charcoal pore pudding (sephora) I have tried a few charcoal masks in the past and found them to be too drying. I took a sample of this and completely fell in love. This mask doesn't "dry" down but stays like a "pudding" on the skin it is so easy to spread and wash off. ( I mean it still stain your face cloth but you don't have to scrub your face to remove it ) My skin feels soft and cleaned out and it is really good for those days when your skin just feels blah.

What have others been trying out recently? 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

a few tea infused treats that I have tried in the city....

I do love to bake with tea but I also love to pick up tea creations from local bakeries as well. When I began to think about it so far this year I have ate a lot of tea infused treats. As per a great suggestion from Sybil here is a look and mini review of some of those goodies!

pinky's bakery
I got the chance to visit pinky's this week for the first time and their menu did not disappoint there were many tea infused items for me to choose from. I was good and only picked up a few (I sadly did not try the thai tea milk....) The macarons from pinky's are very light and fluffy, they also have a good amount of "chew" to them. I tried the matcha which was not very sweet but good, and the raspberry earl grey which was such a nice combo! I also picked up an earl grey sandwich cookie. It 100% looks like something I would make myself. It wasn't very strong on tea flavour but super soft and wonderful. 

jenna rae cakes
There are no pictures by me of what I have tried at jenna rae's because I eat them pretty fast. The one day I went I pretty much come home with all the earl grey treats a girl could ask for. They offer earl grey cookie sandwiches which are quite unique but not my personal favorite (I have ate two just to make sure) I also didn't love the london fog cookie gems but I do think in general I just tend to not like london fog items as their macarons in the same flavour were not a hit with me. That being said their earl grey creme brule macarons which offers a caramel infused with earl grey filing are my favorite tea treat. I can't follow them on instagram because I get way to tempted when they post their tea infused treats.

high tea bakery
Besides offering an amazing assortment of loose tea for tasting and purchase high tea also offers a fantastic earl grey shortbread cookie. I do think the tea blend they use for this is what makes it special I have yet to be able to make a tea infused cookie that taste anything like this one. It is buttery, and not too bitter from the amount of tea in the cookie. Definitely a favorite of mine.

I have yet to try these but Sybil also recommends the matcha chocolate bar from @alicjaconfections and the matcha among others from @ohdoughnuts.

Do you have a favorite tea infused treat in the city?

Friday, May 13, 2016

my current thrift inspiration

I am not very good at pinning things on pintrest but apparently I like to screen shot a lot of things off Instagram. Here is what I hope to find and use as my inspiration when I go thrift shopping for spring/summer.

hazel atlas candy stripe bowls
I can't help but drool over any picture posted by gals who find these bowls at the thrift! I would take any color. I have yet to ever see one of these in person even in a retail setting.
@mrsashpaugh and @luminarevival

black based needlepoint, striped tops and general vintage goodness
I still have a thing for needlepoint. I have not been able to thrift a black based one to save my life, one of these days! I am always on the hunt for a perfect striped top so that whole image from @adoredvintage is perfection to me.

Rachael has been posting outfit shots lately and they are so so good! If that dress was a top I would have bought it I love the color, ruffles, buttons...the sunnies, hair get the idea, all of it!

I love to come across vintage items I have never seen before and these dot shakers took my breathe away. 100% hoping to come across these one day.

What is inspiring others right now to thrift or look for in vintage?

Monday, May 9, 2016

last week in pictures

at the thrift:
The month of April was pretty boring but the first week of May had some goodies for me to look at. I used to collect vintage rock and roll t-shirts/memorabilia so I had to take a snap of a vintage stones jean jacket for auction at the salvation army.
I decided to try a new to me thrift store (the sargent ave mcc) it was a really clean, well laid out little shop. It was one of those shops were you almost didn't even have to look at the price tag but just walk right up to the register! I found a great tooled leather shoulder bag, that I have no clue why I am selling it but it is in my shop for now.... as well as a fantastic pale turquoise hair scarf (also for sale in my shop)

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of going to a spring menu tasting for JOEY restaurant.
All of the food I got to enjoy has now officially launched! Pictured above is the butcher’s sandwich the presentation with the sandwich on a plank and the jus served in a tea cup, right up my alley! Below is a dangerously tasty blueberry mojito and their new market salad. Also new for dessert an
in house made ice cream available in 5 flavours and 2 tequila cocktails.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

my current made in manitoba favorites

Over the past year I have come across some really great locally made products. Here is a look at what I have been loving!

coal and canary candles : I own three of these (block out the fact that all my money is in candles) I adore the wood wick and how easy these are to light and trim. They burn clean and smell heavenly. Chunky knit sweater is my favorite out of the ones that I own. And dang now they have come out with a Winnipeg scented one...

sweet spirit apothecary root and petal balm : I bought this last year at the lucky girl pop-up sometimes with all natural products they have a short shelf life but this one is still going strong. I use this to add hydration and plump my lips before applying lipstick. I am not a lip gloss or balm girl so for me to keep reaching for the same product is saying something.

naked skin care cleansing oil : I double cleanse when washing my face at night and this cleansing oil removes my face make-up like no other. My cotton pad is always a horrifying shade of peach every night which is a good thing ( although I don't love this to remove my eye make-up). I am just shy of the half way mark and contemplating order a back -up! Naked skin care offers coupon codes on thier intsa account (hint hint there is one good until Sunday)

just the goods lavender deodorant : I have only used this less than a week but alreay know this is my new HG deodorant. If you are familiar with all natural deodorants you will know it is hard to find a good one that won't make you smell worse than if you just went commando. I actually had stopped wearing deodorant because of this fact but no more! 
This one dries down fast and powdery (but doesn't leave noticeable white marks) while retaining the essential oil scent. One word of advice is to pick your scent wisely. I can smell the lavender on me for a good half hour after applying it and also when I did sweat. Make sure you love the scent as it does not tend to dissipate like most essential oil products. 

Do others have locally made products they like to share?

Monday, May 2, 2016

my weekend in pictures

I made an effort to make actual plans with people other than myself for a change and it turned out to be a great weekend!
I meet up with Sybil from animated confessions to catch up in person and talk about local loves. I made her some of my cookies to enjoy while I ate the infamous high tea version.

I am forever putting food in jars for gifts. The jar I made for Sybil turned out pretty cute the floral wrapping paper and leopard print washi tape made for a great combo. If you are thinking about using vintage jars for food gifts. Wide mouth "masons" are the way to go. The standard size jars tend to fit 6 cookies while the larger (and harder to find) will fit a dozen. I try to pick these up when ever I see them for a good price at the thrift but will admit they are a bit hard to come by, my stock is almost bare now!

Sybil brought me a hand made chocolate bar from local etsy seller alicja confections. I love anything salted and toffee and this bar does not disappoint. I am more than half way through it already, no control...
I brought my sister to the WEST Etsy seller market. She bought a vintage dress that I could not get a good picture of from wildwoodrose vintage and I picked up an all natural deodorant from just the goods. I have already tested it out and so far I am pretty pleased with my choice.

How was the weekend for others?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

the week so far in pictures

On Friday I couldn't resist the temptation from Instagram and headed down to mad about style to pick up coal and canary's new candle super powers and fresh cut flowers. I am a huge floral fan and this candle is so light and fresh no doubts about my choice. When I visited margot and maude a few weeks back I was so so good and did not go into jenna rae cakes but Friday morning they posted a new flavour of white wine ganache that I knew a friend would love so I went it and didn't do too much damage for a change! 

Today (aka Wednesday) I was invited to attend a blogger event for JOEY restaurant. I loved this event last year and was happy to see what would be new this year. @shelzolkewich took the most amazing shot (along with many others) of JOEY's new in house made ice cream. It is made from liquid nitrogen and has the most creamy texture! I also ate pretty much all of the market salad on the table...more pictures to come in another post.  @pegcitylovely was also at the event snap chatting and posting it up if you want to hear/see about the blueberry mojito which was an all around favorite.

I made such poor thrift decisions this week! I had a 30% off coupon about to expire so I bought well things I didn't need. I have not thrifted anything so far this month so I wanted to come home with at least something. So a leather belt for my shop (although it is not the best quality) and a 501 lid came home with me. Apparently in the store I blocked out how badly damaged it it will most likely not be used it is pretty terrible. I somehow decided to turn down a milk glass platter...somedays...

This weekend should be a good one though Winnipeg Etsy is hosting a pop-up event as well as third and bird! What do others have planned?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

this week in pictures

After not selling any items for over a month I got a welcomed flood of orders this week. I said goodbye to some very nice pieces. Ahh how I wish the celluloid necklace would have worked with my wardrobe... I do need to be patient and stick to mailing items on certain days. I made a few extra trips to the post office than I needed too by not sticking to a schedule.

I have not thrifted one item this month, sadly there has been not much to look at in terms of vintage or even tempting modern finds... When this happens I get the urge to come home with anything vintage I see. The above wallet would have tempted me you know because it is leather, but I learned last month that these do not work for modern day life. I bought one only to find out money does not actually fit in and neither do receipts etc for cute storage purposes. If you see one of these try putting your desired items in it at the store before you buy:)

Has has this week been for others?

Monday, April 11, 2016

last week in pictures

I added one items to my etsy shop. I find the thrifts here don't have too much to offer in terms of vintage clothing. I do wish to stumble upon a true 50's circle skirt, but that has never happened. I did decided to bring home and list this wonderfully bright 1970's cotton skirt that is perfect for summer.

I have been pretty much eating at the same restaurant for the past 3 weeks. Sushi Terrace is hands down my favorite sushi/Asian/Korean spot in the city. Luck for me I live close by, if you are out by Headingly I do suggest the slight detour off Portage Ave to come and visit this little restaurant. It only has 4 tables but I have always been able to sit down and enjoy my meal.

Local food blogger food musings did a great review of them as well.

Last weekend was the last of the big spring antique sales, hard to believe I have been to 3 already this year! I did good and come home with affordable orphaned shakers that are a nice addition to my non-collection of items.

How was last week for others?

Friday, April 8, 2016

sephora samples mini review

I don't know why but  I am a complete sucker for sephora point perks and mini beauty samples. I will admit even after all these years I am still not very good at being patient for samples I know I will use (like face masks) but come home with pretty much whatever looks cute. Here is a quick mini review on the samples I have received so far this year and if I would repurchase them in the full size. Nothing will be linked since they can all be found at

bite beauty agave lip mask: I love bite beauty so this was great to try. The masks themselves are thick but melt into your lips making them great as an overnight treatment. The one with the shimmer and red tint made no sense to me but the natural one would be my pick. For me I find the full sized version a bit pricy for what it is but if you feel like treating yourself...
Would I repurchase in full size? no

bareminerals lash domination mascara: This sample was free at the checkout and wow it is the tiniest mascara sample I have ever seen almost to its fault. It is 1.5ml or the size of a sample perfume vial. Either way it is too tiny to use properly I kept poking my eye with my fingers and did not have favorable times with this. It seems pretty similar to my HG rimmel so I am not tempted to look at the full size.
Would I repurchase in full size? no

philosophy take a deep breath eye cream: I had an itch to buy an eye cream which I knew would be a waste of money so I took this sample instead. It scratched my itch and cost me nothing. I personally have never found an eye cream to work for me and this one was no different. I got 2 weeks use out of it and cannot see much of a change in terms of puffiness or darkness. The cream itself was light and dried nice on the skin making it good to use in the morning.
Would I repurchase in full size? no

bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick in radish (point perk): I was a little whipped when I saw the email containing this sample. I drove down to the store and well made them get it from the back for me (yes, I am that kind of customer) I don't regret it this lipstick is so nice and something I would have bought for myself getting it for free was a treat. Bite beauty does do bright lipsticks so well. This shade is a deep magenta and wears for hours.
Would I repurchase in full size? yes I bought the shade Fig recently.

dr. brant pores no more primer (point perk): I have been having a heck of a time with my oily skin! I have heard good things about this and yes similar to benefits porefessional this is a peach toned cream than blends over pores seamlessly. The only fault of it, is that it did not help with my oily skin. I will use my sample since it is nice on the skin but must keep an eye out for something else.
Would I repurchase in full size? no

sunday riley tidal cream: I blame British beauty bloggers for making me want to try this. It claims to be a moisturizing enzyme brightening cream. I should have know I was not going like this. My skin does not get on very well with night creams and this one made my skin, sticky and shiny. The few days I did use it I just didn't like how my skin felt at all so it got put away. I may pass it on the  friend....
Would I repurchase in full size? no

nude gentle detox fizzy powder cleanser:  I don't know why I took this sample I have no intention of changing my cleanser plus I have tried powder ones before and don't care for them. Because of all of that I have yet to try this one.... My friend might also get this one to try as well!

ren instant brighten beauty eye shot cream: again on my eye cream kick I took this. Hmmm what to say.... I did notice it felt like it was tightening the under eye skin but not where any puffiness was. I also found it did not mix well with concealer/foundation and left cakey marks where the cream had dried. Overall not a huge fan.
Would I repurchase in full size? no

fresh peony brightening night treatment mask: truth be told all I saw was peony and mask and blocked out the fact that it was an overnight cream mask. My skin is weird I can't have cream on it overnight so for me I did not like how this felt on my skin. It did smell wonderful and my skin looked soft but no magic overnight results from a one time use.
Would I repurchase in full size? no

and there you have it a look at my hoard of beauty sample! What kinds of samples do you like to take and do they ever sway you to purchase the full size version?

Monday, April 4, 2016

margot and maude boutique winnipeg

I am not 100% sure how I stumbled across margot + maude's Instagram feed but I am sure glad I did! They recently opened a boutique at 580 Academy (just last Wednesday!) and I pretty much could not wait to check it out. I am not huge fan of designer clothes but knew they would be carrying a fashion crush of mine in eve gravel so the rest of the store would probably be right up my alley.

The store itself is clean and modern with subtle pops of color. It is decorated with flowers and prints by local artist @lovematea. From Instagram I knew I wanted to finally pick up one of her prints and had a hard time choosing, the one with the blue ball was a very close second!

Along with the clothes there is a nice assortment of gift items and little trinkets. I picked up the clear skin oil from province apothecary and so far so good one bit of advice is that it is the strongest oil I have ever used but my skin can handle it others probably not....

I think it is a really great addition to the boutiques and cafes already on Academy. You can visit margo and maude in person at 580 Academy, online on their website or follow them on Instagram.

Now all I need is a vase and some flowers and my closet will be a boutique! 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

March thrift finds

March was pretty good in the thrift department. I found a few items for me and few for my shop. Most of my thrift gems came from the 50% Value Village sale as you can see in this post. This month I tried really hard to find new to me clothing items as one of my goals this year is to only buy second hand. I am so fickle with clothes and can never tell what will become a wardrobe staple and what will sit forever unworn so I like to spend as little money as possible no clothes. I found nothing January or February but March made up for that.

Here is what has been added to my wardrobe.

Black 1960's knit beaded top $3: I love that it is vintage and how comfy it is to wear! It is however hand wash only and cropped making it a bit of a pain to wear. But for the price I really do love it.

Joe Fresh oatmeal sheer button blouse $5: This is boring but I needed something new to wear to work. I like to wear bright lipstick at work so this shirt will balance it out. I already own this shirt in green so I knew it would be something I would wear.

1950's yellow knit top $6: I adore vintage knits so a yellow one is fabulous! The only pitfall I have learned from wearing this so far it the neckline is quite high and I get my make-up on the collar when I put on/take it off. I did think my foundation was transfer proof but this shirt tells me otherwise...

Did others have luck this month finding good thrift items?

Sunday, March 27, 2016

new to me inspiration

I am not 100% sure how I stumbled onto @thrift4love's page but I am sure glad I did! She posts her bright vintage dish collection as well as all of her plants. After finding her account it made me use what I already had to re-potted my cacti (which looks so cute now!)

I don't buy clothes online but I stumbled onto skinnysweats (they are made in Toronto) and found a Winnipeg cut sweat top that I might just need. My current house/pajama situation is not cute. The write up for this top is too cute as well. They offer the "Winnipeg" cut in a few other styles, definitely tempting!
I found Margaux's channel thanks to a re-gram on @coalandcanary's feed. It is a new channel but I know I will be liking what she posts. I love healthy/natural videos and am liking the style so far.

And there you have it three new to me places for inspiration. What have you been loving lately?

Friday, March 18, 2016

this week in pictures

It was beautiful on Monday so I decided to use up the rest of my gift card from High Tea Bakery on some mini imperials and tea! I should have bought a dozen imperials the ones from High Tea are really, really good. They are filled with a good amount of jam and the icing has a nice tang to it. High Tea also stocks a lot of tea options I am really liking what I chose.

I only managed to list one new item in my shop, which is the above dark stained tooled leather belt. I was also happy to receive another 5 star review. It is always nice when customers take the time to do so. I also heard back that a package made it's way safely to Italy!

I will admit I am not proud I hustled an old lady out of the way to grab this. I see mink and all bets are off! The thrift broke my heart yet again with another mink collared coat that was just way to darn big for me. Hopefully one day I will find one that fits.

How was the week for others?