Wednesday, November 30, 2016

reviewing my sephora sample stash

Here is a round up of what were hits and misses from my recent stash of sephora samples! Useful if you happen to see them at the counter and can't decide if they are worth giving a try:)
All of these can be found on the sephora website. I did not link each one separately you may copy and paste the product name.

lancome hypnose drama mascara: I haven't tried a mascara mini in years, I used to live off them. This mascara is really good! It gives me volume and fans out my lashes without looking clumpy. My little sample has already lasted a bit over a month. I don't think the full size would have the same effect as I really like the shorter wand. I will happily take more samples sizes of this.

dr. jart cicapair tiger grass cream: This cream is meant to soothe red and irritated skin. I have been using it on blemishes in the morning before I apply make-up and really do like it. It is cooling and calming on the skin. I wish the full size was cheaper and smaller I doubt I would ever use up the full tube but do really like this and will keep an eye out for more samples.

ole henriksen sheer transformation: Truth be told I had bought this last year for day use and never got on with it, but after being given another sample and used it at night and it has become my go-to cream. It gently exfoliates the skin while brightening scars. I have noticed my skin become softer and less textured and yes even brighter. I have tried out a few other creams to make sure this one was at the top and yes I will be purchasing it in a larger size. (well sunday riley good genes is a bit better but also almost $200...)

ole henriksen the truth sugar glow mask: I really enjoy using exfoliating masks and this one smells like jam! It was gentle yet effective and left my skin feeling soft. The subtle warming effect was nice as well. I am a mask-a-holic and this has been a favorite that I have tried recently.

first aid beauty ultra repair cream: At first I wasn't going to try this because a body cream isn't all that exciting but I am glad I did. It is the least greasy body lotion I have ever tried. It left my hands velvety soft. I will be purchasing a full size super soon.

origins maskimizer: I like this idea of this but didn't really see it being any better than just spritzing a toner that you may already own as a mask primer.

josie maran 100% argan oil: I am fan of oils but can't really tell if this is better than the other simple oils I have tried (ex. jojoba) it is a generous sample and will be used but I doubt I will repurchase in full size.

fresh vitamin nectar face mask: I was excited to try this, this mask is made from real fruit. However it was a little to "jammy" it was hard to spread and felt melty on the skin. I did not notice anything spectacular in term of glow or softness in my skin after using it.

philosophy renewed hope in a jar: This is an exfoliating cream much like sheer transformation. This one however had a stronger unnecessary scent and never seemed to sink into my skin. I was able to get four nights out of it and wasn't sold that my skin was looking more refined.

Do you enjoy trying out beauty minis? If so what has been your favorite recently?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

last week in vintage

Nothing came home with me from the thrift store last week. I did spot this adorable beaded knit top which I posted on Instagram and it was one of my most liked pictures! Local vintage lover Marissa loved it so much she was went to the store to snap it up. No regrets, she let me try it on before buying it so I could really make sure I didn't want it. I have to learn to start wearing the beaded tops I already own and not add more to my collection.

Kali from atomic age vintage had messaged me a few weeks back saying that she had found the match to my lone norcrest salt shaker. I met up with her at a holiday vintage sale where she ended up gifting it to me along with the matching tooth pick holder, which is 100% being used right now.

At the vintage sale I did treat myself to a 1940s brass and bakelite necklace. I always search for these at sales, the thrifts and online but always seen to come up empty handed. I didn't over think things and just bought it. It is very different from anything I already own so that is a good thing.

Has was last week for others?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

shopping local: public general store

Image borrowed from their Instagram account @shop_public
Beautiful images from public general store have been popping up in my insta feed for quite some time now.  Sybil a few weeks back did an amazing round up post on her blog and gave me that last little kick to get down to see what they offered.

I went on a beautiful Sunday because I could (they are open Sundays!) I was in search of a locally made or organic lip scrub. They do offer one but that is not what I can home with, help me. Instead I choose a coffee argan face/body scrub from leaves of trees, it smelled too good. As for using it as a lip is oil based so it melts on your fingers and lips not the best option but I am making it work. It is lovely used on the face.

I adore mint green tea blends and had yet to try the offerings from teamate a Winnipeg based tea shop and blender. Some teas feature locally grown in Manitoba ingredients, my mint green is one of them! The blend itself is a lot more green than mint. The mint is very subtle but overall it is a very nice blend.

Public general store had a really nice assortment of local and Canadian products. I do hope to go back and maybe pick up the lip scrub I left behind.

Monday, November 7, 2016

recent drugstore hits, mehs and misses

A few new affordable beauty bits have made their way into my bathroom. Here is a look at what has been a hit and what was not.

covergirl clean matte BB cream:
This come out over the summer to rave reviews, it took me until September to try it out and well it is wonderful. It does not keep my skin matte all day but the great thing about it is that it does not break down weird on my oily skin. I can wear this all day at work and not feel like I want to wash my face. It has good coverage too (I would say almost like a medium foundation)  It is very similar to the ready, set, gorgeous foundation by covergirl but I find this one transfers less and does not oxidize as much so it is my pick out of the two.

annabelle oil free eye makeup remover:
My previous makeup remover got discontinued so I was happy to be able to replace it with one from a Canadian brand. Oil free removers are great for being able to touch up smudged mascara and eyeliner. It truly does not leave any residue on the skin, if you mess up your cat eye you can use this to take it off and put eyeliner right back on. It is good!

essence pure nude highlighter:
I am not personally a "highlighter" girl but I think it is good to have one on hand. I was waiting for sephora to offer a highlighter as a point perk and well that hasn't happened yet... so I saw this on youtube and decided to give it a go for $5.50. It is a baked mineral highlighter so there is no glitter just glow to it. It is a nice golden champagne color that doesn't look obvious on my pale skin.

marcelle flawless skin concealer:
I have used the foundation that matches this and really liked it so I figured the concealer would be fabulous. Sadly this is very thin and a bit too orange for my skin tone (I am sure the peach is meant to counter act dark circles but I can't see it working) it does not settle into fine lines and feels very light. I am still using it but need to use 2 layers.

L'oreal extraordinary clay shampoo:
I should have known better than to be swayed by advertising. The commercials promised 3rd day hair! I am looking for a good second day hair so I figured this would be a hit. It isn't a terrible shampoo I have used worse it just did not make my hair less oily the next day and I didn't like how my hair felt while using it. The one upside I did notice with it, was that is tamed by static-y hair. 

What have others been loving from the drugstore?

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

thrift snap shots

things that did not come home with me:
I did bring the above hat to the till and almost pay for it but put it back after I found out it was not on sale. It was a club members sale day and I got things mixed up. I was in a mood and didn't want to pay full price that day apparently!
I adore lipstick holders while this 1960's girl was cute the $9.99 price tag was not.

things that did come home with me and went back:
I should not be allow to buy things that are not complete it dives me nuts trying to track down original pieces. My green mixer was missing it's beaters it took me 5 months to find something that fit and then a month later I go find a twin mixer with the original beaters... so obviously I bought it to see if the factory beaters were better. I am glad I did they are actually not very good and super noisy, the beaters I made work are shockingly better so I brought the cream one back and exchanged it for the items below!

my new to me beauties!
I snagged the little jadeite bowl off the cart as new items were being put out, whoop whoop. The jewelry are the stars here though. I haven't found any worthy brooches in months so I was super happy to add an older plastic (not bakelite) leaf brooch to my collection. The 1940's paste bird was a must as well as the moon!
I put my simichrome to good use. I did feel weird swabbing these out in the open but I am sure glad I did, they turned out to be bakelite! This will be my first time thrifting such a thing. I didn't test any other pieces in the store since I figured I would probably get caught so I happily snagged these.
One will be for a gift while the other pair should be in my etsy shop next week.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

my october thrift finds + thrift stories

all the plates: 
Usually I come home with all the bowl but this month all the plates came home with me. I found a long searched for jadeite serving platter at the salvation army (pictured here) and at another salvation army the above franciscan starburst plates. Believe it or not I put these plates back because they were chipped. I went back later in the week and they were waiting for me! I adore them and now have been fully bitten by the atomic starburst bug.

rookie mistakes:
I made a few poor choices at the thrift this month. One by not trying on vintage clothes and two by putting vintage clothes back on the rack. There was a grey cashmere holt renfrew cardigan that I have been dreaming about all month. It had a hole (completely fixable) and I put it back, didn't try it on so I could fall in love with it and over look said hole. I went back for it later in the week and it was gone... I hope it did not get thrown out because another customer saw the hole and complained that is my worry. Maybe next month I will learn.

This month I finally bought simichrome polish so I could properly test out my vintage plastic. As it turns out all the pieces I have bought were not bakelite. It is good to know, eventually I will be able to train my eye better.  I was so darn sure the above bangles were real! They are now listed in my etsy shop. They are still vintage just made from resin and are the best fakelite pieces I have seen.

How was October at the thrifts for others?

Monday, October 17, 2016

shopping local with callia flowers and charleston and harlow candles

Last week I picked up a few pieces from some local businesses, that I have wanted to try for quite some time.

First off is Callia flowers, I spotted them on Instagram a few months back and was waiting for the perfect moment to use a promo code they sent me. It was my moms birthday and I had the "bright beauty" bouquet delivered. The whole experience was fantastic. Their website is very easy to use and the bouquet was delivered beautifully packaged. The box is absolutely huge if the person you are sending them to takes a bus home from work keep that is mind, lol.

It is now almost a week later and the flowers are still alive!
They offer $10 off your first bouquet with the promo code sharethelove10
I highly recommend them as a new way to send beautiful flowers here within Winnipeg.

I also came across Charleston and Harlow via Instagram. I really like that their candles come in a square glass votive and that it is double wicked on the full sized version. They are also very decor friendly with a simple yet gorgeous gold label.

I am also absolutely in love with their scent offering. They have a candle called mid century mod, MID CENTURY MOD based on the notes I will need to smell that one in person but I can't wait to be in the same place with the whole range.

I blindly ordered mad for plaid off their website while they were having a flash sale and couldn't be happier with my choice. Featuring warm woodsy notes of cedar, ash, and fir, with soft undertones of pear, lily of the valley, and rose. This candle is the perfect mix of floral and wood it sometimes smells like mens cologne but that is a-okay by me.

If you live in Winnipeg, what local brands have you been loving lately?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

last week in pictures

what did not come home with me:
I spotted some cute things at the Salvation army last week. Sadly I couldn't think of a legit reason I would need a deer ashtray, I am sure somebody snapped this up. A fabulous kit cat clock was up for auction, again I couldn't find a good reason why I would need it...

what did come home with me:
I happily added a jadeite platter to my dish collection. I have been wanting one for ages, patience paid off.
I pretty much thrifted only green items last week. The gloves and federal glass bowl are now listed in my etsy shop as well as this adorable bow hat!

(Jessica you may message me if any of these tickle your fancy, the green glove are a bit bigger than the blue ones)

For Thanksgiving we didn't host a traditional dinner but had a casual afternoon of snacks with family. I spent oh about three hours in total working on two dozen owl cookies. They turned out really cute, and were a hit
These were pretty easy to make, all you need is two circle cookie cutters one big one small to make a cut out for the ears. I painted melted chocolate as the wings and icing for the beaks. Next time I try and find something more ingenious for the beaks my icing wasn't the best. if anyone has any suggestions for beaks let me know!

How was last week for others?

Sunday, October 2, 2016

lipstick minis swatch and reviews: sephora collection, bite beauty and marc jacobs

I adore mini anything and this past month four new to me lipstick samples have been on constant rotation. If you play your cards right you quite possibly would never need to purchase lipstick. Sephora often has one lip mini a month available with orders or free with points/in store offers.
Here is a look at them in case you ever seen them available to sample!

sephora collection always red and rebel chic
For the month of September (I know the Polo Park Sephora still has some available) Sephora was offering free lip minis in stores, no purchase necessary you just needed to be on their e-mail list and show them the offer.  So naturally I went back and got two!

sephora collection cream lip stain in 01 always red: I had never used a liquid lipstick so it was a real treat to try. This is such a unique texture, it dries matte and gives off a lot of color. The only downside is this particular shade wore off really badly when worn out to a meal. I tested twice when eating out and it wore off in an unflattering way. It would be great to run errands in, not 100% sold if I purchase in a full size just yet.

sephora collection rouge matte lipstick in M11 rebel chic: I was looking for a berry shade for fall and this color is so dreamy! The formula is thin and lightweight on the lips and it did not feather into my fine line like most darker shades tend to do on me. Careful application is needed since it does stain the skin but overall I really love this and am tempted to check out the shade no superstar in person.

bite beauty gazpacho and marc jabobs kiss kiss bang bang
bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick in gazpacho (100 point perk): Woo was I happy to see this offered as a point perk I pretty much save up my points for bite beauty products. Gazpacho is a true blue-based red that is bright and cheery. The only pitfall which I think is linked to it being a natural product is that at least on me in turned pink through out the day, it ends the day more of a strawberry toned red. True sticklers for red lips may not like that. It fades and wear off beautifully and had no issues of me looking like a fool after a days work.

marc jacobs kiss kiss bang bang (part of the sephora b-day kit): I could not wait for my birthday to go and pick this up. This shade is described as a baked rose and it is a welcome addition since I tend to wear and own only bright lipstick. The formula is matte but oh so lovely, it wears off evenly and lasted quite a while on me. I am now tempted to pick up a holiday set from marc jacobs to enjoy more little mini like this.

Are there certain types of samples that you will always say yes too?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

how I am using my September thrift finds

For the month of September I really tried my best to thrift clothes for my wardrobe. I usually get side tracked by house ware items. I prefer to solely thrift my clothes which does leave some pretty big gaps in my wardrobe. I dislike trying on clothes and never quite know what will end up being practical for my actual day to day life (you know not my pretend life where I got out and need beaded everything...) Here is what come home with me this month and my thoughts on them.

teal cashmere pullover (thrifted from value village, originally from talbot petites) I love this color and the cashmere but adding another hand wash only item to my closet wasn't the best decision. I don't think this sweater had even been washed it fit wonderfully when I tried it on in the store but has already shrunk:/ I am hoping I can re-stretch it next time I soak it but this is what happens with knitwear and why I would never pay full price for an item like this.

white bubble knit pullover (thrifted from the salvation army, no tag) I really have a thing for popcorn style knits. I have yet to wear this out but do think I will get some wear out of it. I wore it and didn't like how it felt the sleeves are a bit too puffy for me, it will get donated back...

black crew neck pullover (thrifted from the salvation army, originally from banana republic) This is super basic and something I was desperately missing from my wardrobe. I managed to wear it 4 times in one week. Throwing it on with a necklace or earrings has been too easy. I will say I do not like how thin the cotton on this is, it attracts fluffs like tomorrow. I will be keeping an eye out for a "better" version of this top.

vintage yellow knit tank top (thrifted from value village, vintage) I have been trying to steer clear of overly feminine tops as of late but when a dead stock yellow knit top with a bow in my size just happens to be at the thrift store.... The only downfall is that is a tank top and it is now fall. I now must try and find a chunky knit cardigan to wear over top of it this winter.

Did others have luck adding new items to their thrifted wardrobe this month? 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

last week in pictures: meeting new friend and thrifting as usual

Last week I finally got a chance to meet up with a fellow Winnipeg vintage lover and etsy seller @marissatien we went for tea at high tea bakery and thrifting at a near by shop.  I gifted Marissa a cute little knitted jumper and a brooch to celebrate her baby's July birthday, while we were out shopping she picked up a gorgeous carved celluloid brooch than I would have snagged for myself.

I came home with a lovely jadeite tea set that Marissa gifted me while I found a fabulous cashmere sweater and vintage velvet ribbon.

I am not very good at photographing clothing but I managed to list some new items for my etsy shop last week!

There are always vintage wedding dresses in the Halloween section of the thrifts this time of year, the above dress was really too pretty to be destined a "costume". Hopefully it finds a good home and does not get cut up for a zombie bride...

This little planter is probably one of the most disturbing vintage finds I have seen in a while it is a baby girl football player but sexy? I can't even...

I am still trying to think when I would ever need a full on taffeta party dress seeing as that green and yellow dress had been at the thrift store for almost a month now in the Halloween section. Now that I am home the other green velvet dress is looking pretty darn good to me as well I might have to try both of them on if they are still at the store to help me make up my mind if I need to hoard more dresses I will never wear.

How was last week for others?

Sunday, September 11, 2016

thrift snapshots

Right now is my favorite time at the thrifts, all the sweaters are out and vintage gets stuffed into the Halloween section. Most of the time the vintage is damaged in some way but sometimes mint dresses and accessories can be found. The 60's dress pictured was oh so cute! It did not come home with me (it was long...) but the watercolor print dress peeking out in the corner did, look out for it in a post!

I don't own a hat but always look for one. This one was tempting but too creepy at the same time, I left it behind. 

Harlequin print is such a vintage classic that I don't see too often, this purse was really fun but also overpriced at $9.99. (it had damage) The black one was in my hands most of the time I was in the store it was black, gold and raffia I couldn't ask for more. It ended up getting left behind since I already own a lot of black purses.

This past week I was able to knock 2 items off my holy grail glassware list! Like magic a colored loaf AND brownie pan were on the shelf, I had to do a double take. It is crazy to think that I have been unable to thrift either of these in good condition for oh well the past 10 years.

What have others found thrifting so far this month?

Sunday, September 4, 2016

current ins"peg"ration (aka Winnipeg Instagram inspiration)

 Another round up of what is inspiring me on Instagram from lovely Winnipeggers. 

@shopheartthrobThis is a new to me vintage account. They are holding their first pop-up event Sunday September 11th at 100 Arthur Street in the exchange. They specialize in good from the 1960's to 90's and I love that they show their pieces on models.

This is a newly launched floral delivery service. If you follow local accounts I am sure you have seen their beautiful arrangements in your feed already. They have teamed up with many local bloggers and accounts to get the word out. If you would like $10 off your first bouquet use the promo code SHARETHELOVE10.

I am pretty sure I found this account thanks to Sybil of @animatedconfessions either way I am loving her esthetic and account. You will most likely see my commenting on many pictures as I love her glasses (they are Prada) and her apartment (how pretty!).

She is a former Winnipegger after my own heart, vintage dishes, baking/cooking and tattoos. I am all about her account if she still lived here we would have to be friends!

Do others have any local Winnipeg accounts that they are loving right now that they would like to share?

Monday, August 29, 2016

how I am using my August thirft finds

August wasn't the most amazing month is terms of thrift or vintage finds. I did come home with a mint condition butterprint 503. They are hard to find and it was a steal of a price so no complaints. I pretty much used it as a loaf pan that same day.

This recipe box is the epitome of vintage kitsch. It does not match anything in my house but it was so odd I needed to bring it home. I can't tell if the lady is a nun or a nurse but I just love the face on the bull. These vintage recipe boxes are the perfect size to hold a box of tea, it has found a home in my pantry.

I added two new items to my etsy shop that I picked up while I was out and about.

What did others find in August?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

last week in pictures: at the thrift and the forks

On Wednesday it was national thrift store day and many shops offered discount sales. Luckily for me I had the day off work so I went to a few stores. The black dress with the best tag would have fit me but I knew I would never wear it so it got left behind while I did manage to pick up a 1950's chiffon blouse and novelty celluloid & metal crab brooch for my shop.

In the summer on Sunday's the Forks offers a farmers market and the antique mall happens to be open so I went looking for treasures. I would love to find a lid for my delphite dish but sadly everything for sale was sold together. I always enjoy looking around and seeing what is for sale but this time I came home empty handed. 

There was one booth at the market with a familiar item which I found intriguing. I personally bought the "Judy" tooled leather purse for my etsy shop over the winter. Come spring it had not sold so I donated it back into the thrift world and it found its way back into a vintage shop for sale. I had sorta hoped it found a home with a shopper named Judy but it looks like it has yet to find a good home.
This vintage booth is called Debbie's Vintage

from a previous post on my blog

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

naked skincare winnipeg mask review

I re-ordered one of my favorite locally made products (naked skincare's cleansing oil) and decided to ask Amber; the maker if I could have some mask samples to try and review since I am a mask-a-holic. She was too kind and sent me a full size and a mini size of her two newest clay based masks!

I was excited to see these launch since I have just jumped on the activated charcoal band wagon. I have yet to try a mix it yourself version and her pink clay mask has mango enough said! I have used them both and am here to review them for you.

To mix: I first used 1 part mask to 1/2 part liquid, that was too much liquid. These masks mix up beautifully I would say 1/3 part liquid is all that is needed to make an easily spreadable mask.

To use: I used a mask brush (aka an old foundation brush) to mix and apply onto my skin. These masks dry very quickly (between 5 to 10 minutes) and powdery; smiling or eating will leave dust on your shirt. They wash off quite easily and yes both will faintly stain your wash cloth. A designated mask cloth would be recommended.

Pink Clay + Mango: 
Ingredients: Australian Pink Clay, French Pink Clay, Mango Extract.
I used rosewater as my liquid and it made for a beautifully combo. The pink clay mask was not overly drying on the skin but quite refreshing. I really did like this one and can see myself picking up the full size soon. I can't comment on any brightening effects just yet.

Detox Clay Mask:
Ingredients: Activated Bamboo Charcoal, Kaolin Clay, Papaya Extract, Turmeric Powder.
I again used rosewater as my liquid since I wasn't sure how drying the charcoal would be. That being said it was not drying on the skin at all. I liked this mask because it did wash off more easily than other charcoal masks that I have tried. It tightened my pores and calmed blemished areas effectively.
I also enjoy the fact that I can choose which liquid to add making mask combinations endless.

Overall both these masks are a great and I love the fact that they contain simple ingredients and are locally made.

Naked Skincare can be found on etsy, stocked at Brows By G and at various markets if you happen to follow her on instagram.

My review on Naked Skincare's other products that I own can be seen here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

last week in pictures

Nothing at the thrift store fit me last week so I came home empty handed. There were some pretty cute floral patterns, too bad!

I made a banana bread like cake to bring into work. I used my go to recipe which I posted here. This time I made it into a loaf and used all white flour. I don't know why I never thought to use crushed chocolate as a topper before but it looked gorgeous with my gold sprinkles.

I have been trying to display some of my baking pieces. I tend to keep them stored in a dresser until I want to use them. Here is one tiny vignette I came up with. My cabinet is as tall as me so putting a lot of items on there isn't the best plan.

I decided to have a bit of fun with my friend who has a new guy whom I have yet to see. Her final answer was no, my cake couldn't catch a break.

I actually don't like garage sales and maybe go to a handful a year. I have pretty good luck at the thrifts finding the items that didn't sell at the sales. I passed a sign saying "antiques" so I decided to see what was up. The lady had a nice assortment of items, mostly larger furniture but sadly they were priced at retail. The 50's table was $75 it was very small almost desk size and the smaller decor items were $25-40. It was a beautiful day out I still enjoyed my first stop of the year even though it was not the best sale to look for a deal.

How was last week for others? 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

new on etsy!

My shop is really small right now (a whooping 8 items) but I did add 3 items last month so I figured I would share my thought process into the few items I picked for my shop!

1950's embroidered baby dress: I don't look in the children's section of the thrift shop but the one day on the end cap was this sweet little dress. The embroidery was too stinkin' cute for it not to come home with me. It has been in my shop for 3 weeks now which is a bit of a shock to me I figured it would have been snapped up quick.

1980's fox and trombone belt buckle: I found this buckle to be quite unique, I would be keeping it for myself if I wore belts as accessories but I haven't been bothered to wear one for months now.... Too bad I have not been able to find a suitable band to make it a full belt yet. If you wear elastic style belts you will be able to switch out this buckle no problem. 

1940's corde purse: I cannot leave 1940's items behind this one is a good size and will fit a cell phone and keys easy (no modern big wallet though you will need to pair down for a night out) It is hand made and has some quirks but overall it is a really lovely example of the era.

Below is my growing pile of items that did not sell in my shop. I have found relisting items doesn't really work for me. I have only sold one items that I relisted so I tend to give items their four months and then put them in a pile for donations/gifts or as freebies with orders.

My questions to others that buy vintage on Esty is;
Do you often get/like "pocket" presents included with your order?
The vintage I have purchased for myself have never included any extras but for about 50% of my orders I have included extras when weight and shipping allows I am not sure if I should keep doing this? I have not really heard feedback on doing this from my customers. I often feel I am sending away items to somebody who might not even like it. My pile is growing so I am just wondering if I should keep at know rambling....