Wednesday, April 20, 2011

maybelline v.s physicians formula

Every once and awhile a product comes out and from then on you can never go back to what you were using before. Gel eyeliner was that product for me I can't even look and pencil liners anymore, gel is sooooo much better! My first forte into gel liners was maybelline's eye studio, I was very impressed I sadly didn't care for their "eggplant" shade which lead me to divert to another brand... After searching out more expensive options nothing really looked that good to me so I decided to give another drug store option a go...


* It lasts a really long time on and in the jar I have one pot from sept, 2010 {yes I mark the date on some products to let me know how long I have had them...}and it is still going strong
* Very pigmented one layer is usually enough to get the full effect.
* The brush that comes with it is really good gives me the perfect width of line, people who like thinner lines may want to buy a different brush...

* The glass jar is fabulous and has a good weight it feels better than more expensive brands in my opinion.


* I never got a good cat eye out of it, the ads are a little misleading it is not that liquid-like
* Not enough colors choices, this is a really good product they should expand on it!

Overall if you know you will only be wearing basic colors of eyeliner go with the maybelline it will give you the best quality and bang for you buck.


* You get 3 colors for a good price, they are grouped by eye color {brown eyes pictured}
* They offer a good choice of colors, different shades of purple, blue, green and classic brown & black.

* Long wearing: lasted on as long as the maybelline.


* This gel is more soft and thus I find it less pigmented, a couple layers is needed to get the full color.

* The brush that comes with it is way to thick and wide to be considered an eyeliner brush. Your will need to buy/use another brush

* The jars/packaging is not the best, it is a cute idea to have them join together, my brown and purple are stuck together and cannot get them apart...The square plastic design doesn't feel that great on the hands when untwisting the top either.

Overall I like the purple shade in this trio a lot better than the maybelline version, I am tempted to try the navy and green as well. If you are more adventurous with you eyeliner I would give this a try.

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