Thursday, June 23, 2011

eco beauty

I recently purchased the book eco beauty, it is filled with lovely do it at home recipes for masks, scrubs, toners and much much more. I have been all about making my own products lately and here are a few that I have tried & adapted to fit into my routine.

honey and cinnamon mask for troubled skin...
I kinda made this one up but it is lovely.
1 tbsp honey {raw or unpasteurized is best since it retains it antibacterial properties}
1/2 tsp cinnamon
To make:
Put the honey into a microwaveable little bowl and mic for 10 seconds just enough to get it gooey. Mix in the cinnamon and apply with the pastry brush. It feels so warm and nice and it really helps calm your skin. I use it once a week. This mask is very very messy I use 2 face cloths for this one to get most of the honey off and another to do the final rinse.

chamomile and witch hazel toner
This idea is adapted from the book, the recipe in the book calls for straight up green tea as your toner but I switched it up a little.
1/2 cup strong brewed chamomile tea {2 bags will do, brewed for about 5 mins let cool}
2 tbsp witch hazel I used dickinsons I added this ingredient since I have oily skin, I used just straight tea the first time and it worked quite nice on it's own.
To Make:
Mix the cooled tea with the witch hazel and shake a little. Since I have no idea how long brewed tea lasts for I would re-make this toner every week or so. It can be kept in the fridge if you will remember to put it on. The tea will look quite dark but don't worry 2 weeks of my using it I have no signs of a tea stained face. This toner also does not smell the best...
black head scrub
This is from the book I changed around the measurements since the ones in the book seem to make it too watery and not really a scrub in my mind. That being said I have been using this every second day since I got the book and am really loving the results.
1 tbsp baking soda
1 tbsp sugar {I used white but raw or brown would give it more scrub}
1 tsp of water
To make:
Mix sugar, baking soda and water together to get a watery but thick-ish paste. This is messy so I found using a facial sponge to apply the scrub worked way better than my fingers. You are supposed to let it sit on your face for a bit I am impatient and washed it off right comes off very easy and you skin will literally been squeaky clean.

Can't wait to try some more!

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