Thursday, November 3, 2011

easy skin care fix

My skin is not the best, I have tried chemicals and many many products to tame my skin. Lately I have made one little switch that has made all the difference in keeping my skin clearer. I have been added a drop or two of tea tree oil to my cleanser right before I lather it up on my face. Doing so has worked wonders in keeping most big break out from happening. It is a simple and cheap way to help out your skin free from any bacteria you may get from "not touching your face".

Do keep in mind tea tree oil will hinder some of your cleansers foaming quality but it will leave it squeakier clean with out them. On a side note I have been using aveeno's positively radiant cleanser, only because it was cheap and I didn't want to hunt for a new cleanser that day... tea tree doesn't react with most things so any cleanser should work well with it. Tea tree oil is available in many brands and sizes, just make sure you are buying 100% pure tea tree oil not pre-diluted.

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