Wednesday, November 23, 2011

joe fresh: gel liner

When I was doing my usual googling research before I buy a product I noticed there didn't seem to be much on the new joe fresh gel liner pots {nothing even on their web site...} I was super excited to see that joe fresh now offers gel liners and couldn't wait to try them out at $8 they are a good price. I was only in search of a purple shade so I picked up the shade "raisin" they offer classic colors like black, brown, navy, slate and olive They come housed in a glass pot with a plastic lid, no brush is included.
As for the liner itself, it glides really easy and the pigmentation is strong this purple shade is the best purple pigment wise I have used. It is a darker purple color than pictured on the bottom of the jar. I will say that it is a better shade of plum than maybelline offers. Overall I really like joe fresh gel liner and it worth a try if you already love gel liners. And if you don't love gel liners I recommend to try it out one little pot will last you a year easy I have yet to make a sizable dent in my liners before the expiration date they are a better value than pencils that is for sure!


  1. totally! they last forever! cute lashes :-)

  2. Good to know they're well pigmented. I just started using Joe Fresh products and I was hesitant to try out their gel liner. I think I'll pick some up next time.