Monday, December 19, 2011

I tried: baking soda for my skin

I have made my self a sugar and baking soda scrubs in the past but never really kept up with it, which is shame. Baking soda is a super cheap skin saving alternative. After contemplating buying a $60 microdermabrasion like scrub I decided to give baking soda another go in hopes that I will be able to keep it up. Here are a few things I experimented with and what alternately worked out the best.

baking soda scrub
all you need for this is baking soda {as much as you'd like} and some water to make it not to watery but also paste-y enough to spread. With a damp face massage the baking soda into your skin and let sit for a minute or two to really let it set in. Rise and your done. My skin is literally squeaky clean after doing this, it is just so darn awkward to do and messy my counter always looks a hot mess, hence why I tried some other "cleaner" ways of this

baking soda cleaner
For this I literally mixed baking soda with my cleanser to see if the added thickness would make it easier to apply. The two cleansers I tried semi- reacted with the baking soda and make a really cool non toxic foam. It didn't make it any easier to massage into my face though, still messy as hell.

baking soda scrub version 2
I mixed jojoba oil with the baking soda for this one and it made a lovely butter like texture. If applied to wet skin this held the shape of the baking soda quite nicely. I still recommend keeping your face over the sink, but it worked quite nice.

baking soda mask
by using a little more water than the scrub and a foundation brush to apply I tried using it as a mask. This can only stay on the skin for a few minutes as it dries it gets very flaky and you will leave baking soda powder where ever you go. But again cheap and effective.

Overall I have been trying my best to use this 2 times a week for the past few weeks and I can say that my larger pores are looking pretty darn good. If I can get in the habit I should probably shoot for 3 times a week. The simple water + baking soda seems to be the best version for getting the most effective results. To get more detailed instructions lease visit this site.

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