Tuesday, January 24, 2012

theBalm mary-lou manizer

There are very few items I contemplate for years before buying and for some reason theBalm mary-lou manizer was one of them. Mainly due to the fact the theBalm is hard to find here in winnipeg, london drugs does sell the brand but I have never seemed to be able to see this product in person to officially make my mind up. I decide to stop drooling over the possibility of golden highlighted skin and just order it online site un seen. It turned out the be the best decision ever! There is a reason this product has a 5 star rating on sephora, the color is just light enough to add highlight with out darkening your skin and the glow is so lovely it is hard to explain. Overall I am loving this new addition to my routine and am happy I bite the bullet. It is pricey at $27 can. but believe it or not it is well worth it:)

p.s if you want to have your self a lovely sewing pattern lady font I found mine here at dafont.

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