Sunday, January 22, 2012

vs. organic eye creams

Nearing 30 {well in a few years...} I decided it was time to try out an eye cream. I really like organic lotions and decided to give the all natural option a try. I bought my first eye cream almost 6 mo ago and purchased something else to try when the first one ran out. Here is my take on the 2 options I have tried.
This is the first eye cream I purchased from 100% pure. There are 2 sizes to choose from 0.5 oz for $13 and 1oz for $25. The main thing to keep in mind with organic products is the expiry date most organic products have a shelf life of 6 mo after opening, hence why I went with the smaller size. I used it regularly as much as I could remember and still have some product left after I hit the 6 mo mark.
* it smells like coffee! it has a really nice texture thick but sinks in and doesn't get greasy under your eyes.
* I didn't really seem to notice a big difference in the lack of puffiness or dark circles...but I loved applying anyways

For my second option I decided to try out desert essence de-puffing eye cream. I really like this brand and it was easier to order in canada from This tube is listed online as only 9.3 ml but it is full size at 30ml or 1 oz, very good value the expiry date is 9 mo's on this one.
* very light, almost a mix of gel/lotion. Really sinks in and does not get greasy under you eyes.
* no scent? most people would like this aspect but I kinda like a little fresh scent in my creams...
* again I haven't noticed a night and day difference in my under eye region, but using eye creams can't hurt.

Overall if I had to choose I would order the 100% pure coffee bean cream again. Unless you have a large order it makes no sense to order this on it own hence why I wandered. I do like the desert essence lotion and use it one my nose and other dry spots I just really like the texture and smell of the 100% pure cream.

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