Monday, April 2, 2012

dupe : tea tree pads

The other day I noticed 2 very similar products one pricey the other reasonable. One is from desert essence for $8.69 on for 50, the other $15 from the body shop for 40. In a sad attempt I tried to make something similar but couldn't replicate the same type of pads used in these products. So I decided to purchase the desert essence version. I have been using these more as a toner after I cleanse my face and the results have been nice. The witch hazel really does shrink your pores and gives your skin a nice "tight but clean" feeling with out being drying. I sadly have noticed no difference in breakout while using these pads. Overall if you feel tea tree works for your skin these pads are a wonderful solution. I quite enjoy the idea of an exfoliating/cleansing pads and will probably add them to my regular routine. I personally think the dessert essence version is a better buy, after sneeking a peek at the body shop ones last time I was there.

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