Sunday, April 8, 2012

ingredient : manuka honey

There are a few ingredients listed on products that will catch my attention, manuka {or honey} in general is one of them. Those not familiar with honey, the different names of honey refer to the type of flower or bush in which the bees get their nectar from. Manuka honey is gathered from the manuka flower in New Zealand. Manuka has unique antibacterial property which makes it a great ingredient for skin and digestive care.

now foods, vitamin C and manuka honey cleanser: I recently purchased this cleanser and adore it so much, it smells like orange juice and has left my skin so nice. At the moment I don't even dream about other cleanser which is not normal for me...

antipodes manuka honey mask: I recently found this on ebeauty and have added it to my wish list. It is pricey at $34 so I will save it up to treat myself when I see fit!

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