Sunday, May 6, 2012

I tried : coffee on my face

I have read about using your morning coffee grinds on your skin for ages but never got around to trying it until this week and I must say coffee may be my new favorite scrub ingredient. Brown sugar and baking soda have their place but coffee has a more coarse texture and smells amazing. For the above scrub I pretty much squeezed some old cheap cream cleanser poured in a tablespoon of freshly ground coffee {keep in mind brewed grinds with in 20 minutes will have the most caffeine and will give you glow-y un-puffy skin!} Applied it to slightly damp skin and scrubbed away. You can pretty much use anything as a carrier for the coffee, warmed up honey or olive oil would be nice. Next week I will dabble in a cocoa coffee mask that is equal cocoa powder, coffee and enough milk to make a paste. The lovely turn out of this easy scrub has re-ignited my love of home made beauty. I have been using store bought ones as of late but will try to get back on the homemade train again!

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