Monday, May 7, 2012

impressed with : lush grease lightning

I got slightly turned off from my usual benzol peroxide when I started using it on a make-up wedge to apply on my skin. Just days later my make-up sponge was in pieces the product had ate right through it! So I decided to give some more natural skin clearing products a chance. I on a whim came across lush's grease lightning cleansing gel. {do keep in mind lush uses parabens in their products so they are not uber eco friendly but the other ingredients in this gel are natural, and when they say cleanser on the label they do not mean to wash your face with it...}
Grease lightning is an aloe based gel, that does hold back shine under make-up but is by no means good to wear alone and out of the house. It does leave the all to common clear gel shine to your skin but again make-up covers it up nicely. I am not going to write and say that is had cleared up my skin, cuz it hasn't but it has kept my skin the same as my bp lotion which is worth mentioning. Overall I enjoy putting this on my skin I find that it sinks in quite nice and feels cool on my skin. I have been slowly learning that sometimes you can't stop "hormonal" outbreaks but this gel has certainly made them heal up much better than other's that I have used.

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