Thursday, June 14, 2012

impressed with: live clean fresh face

Live clean is organic and a canadian brand! They recently launched a fresh skin line and I decided to give their smoothing facial scrub a try since I was in need of a new one. It has turned out to be one of the nicest scrubs I have ever used. It sorta looks like a mud mask but with fine (blue corn) granules that almost feel like sand very gentle yet "scrubby" The smell is floral and lovely and the results are glowing skin and a very clean rinse. I have found with other scrubs you have bits left on your face but with this it seems to melt off your skin so nice. Because I loved this scrub so much I decided to try the de-puffing eye roller made with green tea.
The eye roller has also turned out to one of my favorites I have tried. I used to think cliniques all about eyes was the best but this roller has changed that. Eye rollers work on the principle that you are stimulating your lymphatic system to reduce puffiness so the roll of the ball is important. This one is a great size {quite large} and rolls under your eyes effortlessly, it also seems to stay quite cool the whole time which is lovely. The fluid that is inside doesn't really goop up under your eyes and is easily absorbed into the skin with no reside.

Overall I am quite pleased with this product line and love that it is readily available at walmart and shoppers drug mart in canada. In a few months I see myself trying out their mud mask...


  1. This looks cool, I've always wanted to test out an eye roller. Might have to try this one! x

  2. I didn't know they had a skin care line! This excites me!!