Monday, August 13, 2012

honey and lemon mask

I tend to flip between premade masks and diy masks quite a bit last week I tested out a new honey mask and I think it is a good option for when you are trying to heal post broken out skin. Honey is anti-bacterial and helps calm inflamed skin while the lemon will help exfoliate and lighten post blemish marks.
To Make:
In a small dish add a table spoon or so of honey. Making sure it is unpasteurized since that will retain most of the honeys anti-bacterial properties. Mine was from david's tea (but they don't have it online...)
* add a few splashes of lemon juice (real would be great) and mix with a facial mask brush. I find warming it up in the mircowave for a few seconds makes it less sticky.
* this mask is very very messy and liquid  be prepared to have honey dripping on the counter and your shirt just as a heads up.Leave on for 10 minutes or more if you can and rinse off as normal.

I go and have a lie down while this "works it magic" the heat from your skin will melt the mask even more so planning on doing other things isn't the best idea.

I have found honey on your skin is very calming and does not dry your skin out one bit but makes it plump and healthy looking. It is just very messy and a chore to do but well worth it for a once a week healing mask.

Tomorrow I will post a review of a premade mask that I have been using along with my honey masks.

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  1. my grampa has his own bees so i always have tons of organic honey on hand for masks like these! i love using oatmeal and eggs for masks as well but i have to agree, honey is the most calming of them all!