Tuesday, August 14, 2012

live clean deep cleansing mask

After trying out the live clean scrub and eye roller (previous review in link) I knew I have to try out thier deep cleansing clay masque. I have being using a mix it your self kaolin mask and was looking to try a pre-made version to see how they differ. If you have ever used a true clay mask you know that they tend to dry quite hard and flake if you dare talk after it has dried. This live clean version is quite different in that sense. I found that is is very spreadable and soft it doesn't "dry" in the sense that it crusts over but seems to be absorbed into your skin with a soft dryness to it. It washes off very easily and leaves your skin much softer that a traditional clay mask. I was drawn to try this one by the list of ingredients above they are just lovely!
This mask did not cause any skin irritation or break outs, on that note I don't think it made a huge difference in healing any break outs I already had, but really what does... I have found it a nice refreshing mask to use on skin that may be abused through out the week from other products. It is a 99% pure product and really is nice to have on your face. I think it 100% lives up the "fresh face" name overall a great Canadian product!

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