Thursday, August 30, 2012

stark skincare v.s pretty natural skin care

Usually I when I do product vs product it is for dupes, but this time I choose to compare two Canadian! handmade organic mix it yourself mud masks. I tried out pretty's version first and have been using the brand for nearly 2 years now, stark is a new to me brand that I have been using for the past month. Here is how they compare:
Pretty Natural Skin $22
I have tried out all 3 offerings from pretty and did love them but with my nature I decided not to re-purchase and try something different. However I do use the pretty mud as my measure for other mud masks...

Ingredients: (varies by type this is the ginger and cypress mask)
French montmorillonite clay, kaolin clay, green tea extract, aloe extract, chamomile oil, ginger oil, cypress oil, grapefruit oil.
  • Lovely recycled cardboard tube which I found it very easy to scoop out the clay and not make a mess
  • Very easy to mix! {this is what I measure my other masks too}
  • Very creamy and easy to apply to your face
  • Very light to no scent
  • Soft drying for a mask, my face never felt tight, but does flake when you move
  • Lasts 4-6 months using once a week
Cons:(if you want to call it that)
  • I didn't find it dramatically cleared up my skin or helped with breakouts which is the main reason stark got me to sway.
Stark Skincare $30 
I came across stark via no more dirty looks, they had a promo code and I figured it was a good time to try out something new for my skin. I have been being good and only using this mask 2x a week and have noticed that my skin is not as disgruntled as before...maybe it just because I am being consistent to my skin?
Moroccan Rhassoul Lava Clay, French Green Clay, Green Tea Extract, Apple Fruit Extract, Lime Fruit Extract.
  • The ingredients! Just reading them makes me want it on my face
  • The glass jar is a nice touch, great branding
  • Little to no scent
  • Hasn't caused breakouts and has kept my skin calm
Cons:(if you want to call it that)
  • Is a bit messy the first few times scooping it out of the jar
  • Very fine line between adding too much fluid, goes on more liquid and thin than a creamy clay.
  • I found it dries quite tight on the skin, some might love this but I definitely wash it off within the 10 mins.
Overall: You can't go wrong with either, they are both lovely Canadian brands that offer an amazing product. I am happy with both my purchases. I would choose stark if you do have more blemished skin and pretty's version if your skin is fairly good and you want a nice deep cleansing mask.

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