Friday, September 28, 2012

Local design love : Dee Karpa

I sadly have to admit I was a bad blogger and didn't take any pics from the McCollege grad fashion show that I attended this Tuesday mainly since I forgot to mention I wanted to take pics and just assumed I could, bad me! I am trying my best to gather up some images to share. Luckily for me designer Dee Karpa had some lovely look book shots that I could share. More images can be seen on her facebook page. This blouse was one of my favorites from her collection, I can't even image sewing a blouse from scratch! Her collection was titled "Fame & Fortune" and offered pieces for career and evening wear using high quality fabrics and a modern color palette. All I can say is they looked really luxe on the runway. These photo's were shot by True Charisma (link is to her facebook page)
Dee herself is a well traveled and highly educated. Born in Croatia and escaped a civil war her and her family moved to Serbia at a young age. Her family than came to Canada (Winnipeg) in 2001 where she gained a business administrative and marketing degree. Deciding to pursue her passion for design she enrolled in the McCollege's fashion program. After a year long intensive program she has taken her experiences to design clothes for women like herself; who are driven and focused on their personal and professional goals. I looking forward to see more designs from Dee!


  1. You're right! Those designs are great!

  2. Gorgeous designs! And the red die for!!