Saturday, September 15, 2012

tattoo you

My tattoo is a variation on family initials, first letter of my moms name, my sisters and mine the three of us got it in different styles that suited us. I enjoy a good handwritten script. The rest of my family went for more old english style fonts.
I went and got my second tattoo about 2 weeks ago and I figured I would share some things I have learned along the way for anyone thinking about getting a tattoo or possibly getting a second one!
Thinking about getting one?
  • Go ahead and get one! I feel that tattoos are one of those things you will either regret getting or not ever getting. Case in point my mom in her 40's went and got one for her b-day because it was something she always wanted and us kids bought her one so she had no regrets. If you want one but are apprehensive you can always get one in an area that can be covered up but you know you have one...
  • Think of a unique design to you. I got my first one sorta on a whim had no clue what to get and went into a tattoo shop and picked a design off the flash wall. Which I think should not be ALLOWED! But I did it anyways and I always look at my tattoo and wonder WTF, it has no meaning except it encapsulates "my first tattoo" and my taste at age 19, which aren't bad things. I don't regret getting it but do wonder if I should have thought that one out a bit more I have a freakin heart on my hip! but at least it is only black and not terribly tribal it could have been worse.
  • If you are getting a tattoo in an area that is hard to see after the artist puts the stencil on have a friend take a picture and approve the picture. Trying to look backwards in a mirror is misleading and it won't be till after it is done that you notice maybe that is not quite where you wanted it... so take the time to get the placement right.
  • Take the time to get it touched up if needed. I was too young to care and didn't get my original one fixed up (I photoshopped the bad bits a little because I can in photos) but in real life it has lots of white patches and a few lines are crooked if I would have only known...
Thinking about getting a second one?
  • For me I always wanted a second one and I tried to make my first one make sense by incorporating it into the second. In theory the script was to be fluid with the line on my previous tattoo what I didn't think of is that tattoos age and it is really highlighted by a fresh tattoo sitting right beside it!
  • Again I noticed this after I got my second tattoo but I now have two that never see that light of day. I am rarely in bra tops or bikini's so my two tattoo are "secret" after of course I got my second I sorta wished I had gotten it more visible in a way...but that just makes rooms for number three!
 I don't think I will ever REGRET my tattoos especially my second since it was a family thing. I think tattoos are a style that you either love it or hate it and I love it. I always swoon when I see nice ink. And I ooggle pintrest pages like this one and this one. 
First tattoo from soul survivors winnipeg
Second one from living canvas winnipeg


  1. I LOVE your tattoo and would love to do something similar with my husband's and kids' initials. Can you tell me what font this is??

  2. Thanks! I used this font that I found via creature comforts