Thursday, October 25, 2012

juara rose and willow bark blemish free mask

I decided to post a review of this mask since when I was doing my googling research on it I couldn't really find much about this product. I have been drooling over this mask for almost a year now I am a sucker for ingredients and "claims" and juara has done a great job in both categories with this mask. The key ingredients juara highlights are: (full list is on the juara site)

White willowbark is the natural form of salicylic acid and gives the mask most of it's blemish fighting properties while rose helps to soothe. The clay and rice help to soften and smooth out the skin and absorb extra oil. For me I have been using pure clay mix it yourself masks and was looking for a change although this mask does contain kaolin it does not dry tight on the skin and is very easy to wash off. The pink color is lovely but I do find it weird to see a pink face, it still shocks me in the mirror. It however does not stain the skin in any form and washes away beautifully.

The claims?
I have only been using this for a little over 2 weeks, I do have blemished skin so I am good to test this out. So far I have not seen a noticeable difference in my skin using this mask 3x per week. It however does not irritate blemished skin what so ever I have had no bad reaction to it. My skin does feel nice and soft afterwards and not dried out like other clay masks. I have never actually used a product that has cleared up my skin if I did I would have clear skin and have no use for products like this! I do like it and am glad I tried it. I am sure with longer use I will be able to tell if it is a great addition to my skin care routine and will update when I am done my tube. 
UPDATE: I finished my tube at the end of January more than 3mos of use not bad! I choose not to re-purchase this mask. It is lovely but I find for my skin willowbark (aka salicylic acid) has no affect on my skin so I tried another route.  

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