Tuesday, November 13, 2012

testing out: petite treats

I like to bake a lot so when I was given the chance to get a sneak peek at a new cookbook I couldn't resist. Petite Treats is from the authors of “Mini Pies” and founders of the Seattle-based Mini Empire Bakery,

“Petite Treats” shows you how to miniaturize everything from tiny fruit scones and mini pies to bite-size brownies and cutesy cannoli—sweet satisfaction guaranteed.
Of course after drooling over the book I chose one of the recipes that doesn't really translate all to well into mini form! However I could not resist trying out the espresso brownie recipe, I have attempted my own versions in the past and after reading the ingredients in this recipe it sounded like it would be top notch. 
The recipe itself came out lovely! It also has an accompanying espresso icing which I will certainly be using in other recipes but for me I like my brownies with just a bit of icing sugar on top. This book is very vegan friendly and uses soy and vegan options for almost every recipe. The flavor combinations are also very unique some other recipes I have on my to do list are:
  • Blueberry and Lavender scookies (part scone part cookie)
  • Chocolate stout cupcakes with Irish cream frosting
  • Wine and chocolate lava cakes
  • Pistachio and Rosewater Yippie Pie
The list goes on and on, as a baker I enjoyed reading this book and taking bits and pieces from each recipe. The icings and topping in this book sound just delicious. Everything is laid out in easy step by step instructions after reading the recipes your life will be quite a bit easier if you already have a stand mixer as most of the recipes do require an electric mixer, these brownies needed 4 mins of beating but it was worth every minute.
Petite treats is available for pre-order on amazon.ca/com and barnes and noble. With the release date being December 11th.

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  1. wow!! i wish i can bake. i've tried simple cookies and cupcakes before, but nothing too complicated!!
    that one that you made turned out lovely. i bet it tastes wonderful too!!

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