Thursday, December 6, 2012

easy home made holiday gift idea

I always like to have a few simple pre-made gifts around the holiday season for a cute add on to a holiday card. This year I have gone and made simple magnets from vintage earrings. This is pretty much the easiest diy ever. Most earring backs come off pretty easily with a pair of pliers. Glue on some magnet backs from the dollar store and you have a new pair of unique magnets.
*note* Although I am a bit of a vintage killer I do not go and break apart signed vintage jewelry if the pieces you find are signed "coro" "sherman" or "kramer" those are collectable and should be kept intact. Most other pieces probably can be taken apart with out much consequence. I also like the clearance rack at suzy shier and forever 21 for over-sized pieces {the silver beauties were "new"}


  1. Fab-u-lous! They are beautiful Daphne, thanks for the idea. I have a bunch of mismatched earrings that I may try this with. Love those silver magnets!

  2. Oooooh, this is such a marvelous idea! I'm allergic to nickel and as a result usually have to pass up most costume jewelry that contains metal (as it's likely to have nickel in it), and can't tell you how often I've had to pass up cute/chic vintage earrings because of that fact. This idea breathes new life into them though and would give me a way to enjoy some great vintage jewelry without the risk of it bothering my skin (yay!). Thank you very much for sharing this awesome craft idea.

    ♥ Jessica