Sunday, December 9, 2012

I tried: covergirl outlast 3 in 1 foundation + lip perfection jumbo gloss balm

I have been patiently awaiting the holiday releases to trickle their way into stores. I bought the wrong color foundation 3 months ago but have been using it. Luckily for me the same day I vowed never to wear my old foundation again; superstore had the new covergirl display out and ready for me.
Outlast 3 in 1 stay fabulous foundation
Claims to have the lasting power of a primer the coverage of a concealer and the blend-ability of a foundation.
The Good:
  • glass bottle plus a pump dispenser, no product is wasted
  • it is a liquid (will run down your hand as you apply it with the other)
  • blends amazingly
  • does not get oily or "move" during the day
  • lovely lively glow with out glitter gives a semi matte finish
The Bad:
  • not good for dry areas, does tend to highlight them
  • looks cakey over blemishes (I cropped mine out!)
  • coverage is not full maybe light/medium works on minor skin discoloration not redness
Overall thoughts
I am happy I tried this. I do really like how it feels on my skin very natural. I don't mind touching my face with this on. I do wish it didn't cake up on blemishes as much as I want clear skin I do not have it...It really lasts the day quite nicely but not HG for me. I wouldn't recommend it for people who want to cover blemishes.

Lip perfection jumbo gloss balm
Similar to the clinique chubby stick but I find Covergirl has more youth full color choices 3 shades easily caught my attention.
The Good:
  • watermelon twist has no glitter (a plus for me)
  • better color deposit that what I excepted
  • very soft and moisturizing
  • wears off evenly on the lips, no staining effect

The Bad:
  • doesn't last too long about 1 1/2hrs
  • the glossiness may look too young? maybe it is just this shade but it comes off very young looking in person,  I am sure it is just too pink for me...

Overall thoughts
I was looking to try something new. Lately I have been leaning more towards gloss-balm hybrids this kinda made up my mind I may be going back to lipsticks. I like lipsticks lasting power a tad more than I enjoy a gloss.

Both great new releases from Covergirl.


  1. try the revlon just bitten kissable lip balm stain!!! i love those!!! :D same idea as tarte or the clinique chubby sticks! :D

    btw, i got your package today. i even got surprised that canada post was doing mail on a sunday!!
    thanks!! I'm so happy that i really ended up loving the scent!!! :D at least for me i think it smells fresh and pleasant (not floral or fruity). and the lovely trinkets (jewelry, purse & gift tags) were so adorable!! can't wait to use them during the holidays! :D

  2. @libys11 I am shocked it got to you on a Sunday as well! but glad you got it. I really enjoyed finding a cute way to package everything up and really happy you enjoy the scent. It is unique and not an obvious feminine scent.

    I have tried the revlon balm stains and loved the color at first but found I didn't like them when the stain was wearing off it kinda left my lips dry and not so pretty:(

  3. That colour looks so pretty on you!! x