Tuesday, December 25, 2012

chalkboard tray

Don't hate me because I painted over beauty. I googled it and brass is not usually worth more than what you originally paid for it. This wasn't vintage but a tourist piece. I forgot how nice is was, damn!
I really enjoy giving gifts that I can make or thrift. I had seen this idea to turn a metal serving tray into a chalkboard last year but never got around to trying it out. This year I decided my friend "needed" this. I learned some lessons along the way and if you are going to attempt this here are a few hints.

Prep Properly: I was naive and thought I could just rough up the tray and the paint would stick. Ah no my first attempt literally washed off down the drain when I tested to see if the paint had set. So I tried again properly, metal primer is a must if you attempt this project. Taking the time to tape off the area is an amazing step as well so much easier the second time around.

Lots of Layers: I used martha stewarts craft chalkboard paint. I do like how black it is now but that is nearly 6 coats. I could have used less but I found this paint to be quite thin and 2 like the bottle says was not nearly enough to get an even coat on this type of surface. When doing the layers allow at least an hour between them so no streaking occurs.

Overall this turned out pretty good. I am secretly looking for more trays when I thrift to make myself one. If you prep properly this is pretty much fool proof. Just make sure you aren't painting over antique silver or anything that may be worth money down the line...

What you will need:
metal primer
chalk board paint

How to make:
Wash and dry the tray. Tape off the area to be painted and prime. Let dry. Apply desired amount of coats of the chalk board paint and let set over night. That's it!

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  1. Thoroughly charming handmade gift. I'd be on cloud nine if someone gave me a wonderful (and entirely gorgeous!) framed chalkboard like this. It was sweet of you to make this for your friend!

    ♥ Jessica