Monday, February 18, 2013

seventies to sleeveless

I don't normally find much vintage clothing while thrifting I am more of an accessory and housewares type of girl but I was more than pleased to come across this dress last week at value village. It just happened to be my size and the only alterations needed were to the sleeves, not bad! Now I am admittedly a vintage killer I don't enjoy cutting up vintage pieces so do advert your eyes if you don't like altered vintage...
Tips I have learned from altering vintage:
1. Only sew when you are having a good day! This may sound silly but if you are being a klutz; feel rushed or in general are having a bad day "relaxing" with a sewing project is not the brightest idea. It has taken me a long time to learn to put sewing projects away for "good" days. I was having a productive day on sunday so I decided to attempt this.
2. All the hail mary's in the world don't work before you cut up something... Even after studying how a garment is put together and accessing the fabric it won't save you from a few f-me moments. All too many times I have had fabric fray like crazy, my sewing machine decided it doesn't like that fabric and other random happenings that have lead me to wish I could go back in time. This time I thought I would have almost half an inch of fabric to hem but as I un-stitched; fabric I wasn't expecting to come off did, leaving me with mere millimeters to hem with.
3. Have a back up plan. If you really love the piece think of a few options before hand of what to do in case you mess it up. For example if for some reason I REALLY messed up the top of this dress I was either
a. going to take it to a tailor; (bear in mind this probably won't have actually happened) only once I have put on my coat and walked over to a seamstress in desperation, the answer was the lady was off that day so I went home and cut it some more...
b. be even more crazy and try and make it into a skirt.
none of these were really good options but it will save you from putting it in the fabric pile to be made into a pillow one day which most people who sew knows this will never happen.
In case you are wondering why don't I ever just take it to a tailor to begin with? my answer to that is the tailors I have been to don't quite "get" what I want them to do even if it is as simple as taking off the sleeves. I have spent the money and had a few items altered and have never felt it was worth the money. They don't come home how I though they should so I take my chances and kill vintage sometimes.
Overall this turned out to be a pretty simple alter not too much swearing and it doesn't look completely home sewn either! I am on a roll vintage beware


  1. Haha I like your tips! I definitely know better than to sew when I'm in a bad mood or don't have enough time to complete a project. Super cute dress! You should post a photo of you in it!

  2. @heidi-and-seek it took me forever to learn not to sew in a bad mood I always thought that it would relax me not so. I am absolutely horrible and taking pictures of myself and the people around me seem to be just as bad:P When I wear it out I will try to get a good pic of it:)