Monday, March 25, 2013

a rosy outlook

Inspired by essiebutton's rose obsession posts I figured I would share my growing collection of products containing rose. Out of all the ingredients and scents out there I have been swayed towards rose quite a bit lately...

rosebud slave: I have repurchased this several times I find it is the best lip balm for before bed.
korres wild rose daily brightening & refining buff cleanser: I got this as part of a christmas gift pack and it is very lovely; gentle yet effective. For me I find scrubs overall don't need to be expensive this was a treat but I wouldn't repurchase it.
korres will rose and vitamin c advanced brightening sleeping facial: (also in a gift pack) I want to love this but have not found that it does anything for my skin. I use it a few nights a week and it does give you softer skin but not much in the brightening dept.
maybelline color whisper in rose of attraction: my new go-to color pink but not too pink.
stella mccartney summer rose: Fruity with lemon but warms to a light rose scent. It is pretty much the perfect mix of sweet and floral without being too overpowering.
(not pictured) a few rose scented candles...

anyone else got a scent or ingredient obsession?


  1. i like cucumber!! or anything related to that scent.. (fresh and clean).

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  2. Mine's pomegranates. Especially in the winter, I tend to go a bit overboard!

  3. I don't generally pay attention to scents, except that there's a hand lotion from Bath & Body that I wore when my husband and I first started dating, and when I ran out, I found they'd discontinued it. I couldn't find anything that smelled like coconut that didn't smell like sunscreen. Then one time they had it out again as a limited edition and I bought 4 large bottles haha. Set for life!

  4. Oh my goodness i can't believe you actually visited my blog! I found a lot of great new reads through your site so I really appreciate that, thank you!! You're actually on my list of blogs I read every morning haha.

    Unfortunately I didn't get to go this year, but I am planning on visiting on my own in the future. Did you like the GD program/what are your thoughts on it now?

  5. This inspires me to do a similar post, I love and adore the scent of rose. As a kid my parents planted trees outside my window and the fragrance would waft into my room on warm nights. I have that same lip balm! It really is the best. As a gift I received the christian dior rose scented balm and that is also a top fav but doubt I would let myself purchase it again.