Saturday, July 13, 2013

book spotlight: the seventeen cookbook

Book always looks better with out the dust cover in my opinion.
After I posted my thrift finds from June a few people inquired about my seventeen cookbook. It is one of my favorite vintage cookbooks and it gave me a great excuse to feature it. I have never cooked anything from this book but do have a few recipes bookmarked (internet recipes seem to win over) I found this book back in my university days, anyone who lives in Wpg knows if you take the 60 Pembina to the U of M you pass by a giant Value Village, it tempted me for months and I finally went to class early one day and shopped. This book was my only find and I seriously contemplated getting it, it is 430 pages and at the time I didn't feel like lugging around MORE books but I am so glad I ended up buying it. It is from 1964 and is the second printing...
What I enjoy the most about this book is the first chapter teaching you the basic skills and measurements for cooking. It is done in such a charming manner and explained to a teen girl learning to cook for the first time.
On the back cover it lists 17 reasons to give a party and includes your in the mood to fly a kite! The book is a great view into teen life in the 1960's.
Deserts always get me in cookbooks and this one doesn't feature many pictures at all, but the few it does are fabulous. I 100% tried to make a record cake and it did not look cool like that at allllllll it was pretty horrendous but that idea still kills me. I also can't image a teen ever attempting a checkerboard cake but that one sure looks lovely.

I will try to feature and hopefully get cooking a bit more from my vintage cookbook collection.


  1. I like the idea of cookbooks - vintage or new - but the internet (and lately Pintrest) seems to beat them every time..

    Thank you for your sweet comment about my blog today! Totally made my day! :)


  2. Oh my gosh that is awesome! Great snag! Although I have a hard time cooking from recipe books that don't have photos for everything now, but this looks super cool! :) Thanks for sharing!