Saturday, July 20, 2013

liebster award!

I will admit I am not a "blogger" by any means I treat my blog like a journal I just like to share vintage things. I have no worries that my blog is small in followers I don't promote it at all, which is bad I know. The lovely Lisa from butterflies and daisies nominated me for a Liebster award which is given to smaller blogs as "It's a token of recognition that bloggers award to fellow bloggers who think deserve more recognition."  Thanks Lisa!! Although I know I will be bad and not pass on the award I will take the time to answer the questions Lisa put out and try to share the link love to a few fellow bloggers that have been inspiring me lately. The questions!
1. How long have you been blogging? What made you start?
I think I have been at it for 3 years now, I started simply as something to do in hopes to share creative ideas and recipes. Oooh yeah and after 3 years now is the time I decide to change my blog name I never was in love with the original "grey lashes". Vixage seems to marry my interests a bit better for the time being.
2. Where do you shop for your vintage wardrobe? Mostly online? Or local?

I try to buy my vintage as local as possible. I really enjoy second hand shops as my main source of vintage. I tend to have the most luck at Value Village but love the going to any shop that sells vintage. I have no problem paying full retail if it is a stand out piece.
3. What was your first vintage clothing purchase? 

This dress (now for sale) I bought it for Halloween and have held onto to it ever since, but it is time to let it go.
4. What do you do for a living? (be it school or work)

Right now I am an office manager at a spa. I have a graphic design degree and run their website and social media. I like the balance of creativity and customer service it is a very laid back environment. I also take on freelance projects as they come.
5. City girl? Or country girl? Why?

I am a city girl but both sets of my grandparents are from small towns and farms so I have a great mix of both. I love driving out to spend the day in the country but quite enjoying coming back to the city. 
6. How important - or not - is having an authentic vintage look from head to toe to you and why?

I mix my vintage. I am a jean girl so vintage tops and cardigans and what I love to wear. I do try my hardest to only wear vintage jewelry and hand bags they just have so much more character.
7. What was your best vintage buy ever? 

I can't really pick out just one. I really enjoy anything vintage that I have found the thrill of seeing what is out there always gets me. I always seem to one up my last favorite thing. Right now this bag that I found last week is killing it for me. Gold, weaving and bakelite all in one item!
 8. Do you own a vintage car? If not, what is your dream car? 
Almost! If you go by the rule that anything 20 years or older is considered vintage. I own a lovely 1994 Ford Explorer one more year till I can say I own a vintage car ha ha. As for more classic cars Chevy Chargers from any year have always looked nice to me, but really I would take any vintage ride!
9. Any other eras of interest to you (other than the one that informs your fashion)?  
Art-wise I like the art nouveau and the arts and crafts era of the late 1890's to early 1900's. The patterns the architecture I love it all. 
10. Heels or flats? and why?

Flats, I cannot walk in heels not even a kitten, poo! 
11. What is the one thing non vintage related that you love?

Food/cooking. Home cooked meals are where it is at for me. I like to go out for a coffee and a treat but dinners I like to enjoy at home as much as possible. 

Blogs/things I am liking right now.
Caitlin from the hardcore herbivore. another local lovely that posts the most amazing pictures of food via her instagram. (@ohhhcaitlin) and then posts some of the recipes on her blog.That cake is perfection!

on youtube the fashion citizen posts thrift hauls and some diy tutorials and I just can't get enough of these girls, total girl crush on Mel with the winged liner and over-sized earrings... Their cake tier tray diy is too die for.

ahh Lisa from butterflies and daisies  when she has the summers off from work she posts so many great things! I love that she is a local girl even if she didn't live in Winnipeg I would still stalk her blog.

That is it for now. I really enjoyed doing this thanks again Lisa.


  1. How awesome! Many happy congrats on getting tapped for this fun blog award! I've received it a few times over the years, and am planning to post my answers (finally!) in the very near future, too.

    I really enjoyed learning more about you, including the fact that we both define ourselves as being part city girl and part country girl.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Congrats Daphne!!! How exciting!!!! Also I wanted to say I prefer flats too - I'm a wimp and heels hurt my feet so I stick to flats also. :P

  3. Awesome! I loved reading your answers! Thanks! :)