Monday, August 12, 2013

chalkboard paint 3 ways

I love the idea of chalkboard paint and last Christmas (link to original post) I made the above metal tray chalkboard for a friend. It took me a few months to think of another friend that "needed" a chalkboard but I was happy to make another project using my paint.
Re-purposing a frame has always been on my diy list and this 80's frame worked out great, it wasn't to ornate and the interesting shape lends itself to me hung either way and still look good. Painting the wood base was almost too easy and after 3 coats of paint and a day of drying time my project was complete. I completely recommend making chalkboards out of interesting frames. Lets hope my friend likes it....
The last bits of my paint went to fix up a cigar box I completely ruined with a previous diy project. Decoupage is not for me, lessons learned. Luckily black is forgiving and covered up most of my mistakes. I saved my box from being donated and I love it now.

I bought the chalkboard paint for $12 and I think I got my use out of it.


  1. Super cute - Love the look of the chalkboard paint! What a great gift idea, too! I've actually been wanting to paint something with chalkboard paint. Just gotta find the right project/surface so I can get my chalkboard paint-on! :)

  2. omg!!! now i want this.. and i'll probably paint all my furniture with it! hahahha! :D

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