Wednesday, August 21, 2013

two pictures

Picture #1: A novelty brooch I found a few weeks back while thrifting.
Picture #2:  The second largest pipe monument is the village of St. Claude, MB. This is where my mom was born, my grandparents still live and where I spend almost every holiday. The pipe is a match the the worlds largest smoking pipe in the town of Saint-Claude, France to honor the settlers that founded the town of St. Claude, MB. How it that for a road side attraction?


  1. That's the exact type of thing I want to see - I'd love to do one of those road trips where you go see a massive frying pan and a giant ball of yarn!! I don't really know why I just think it'd be cool

  2. Now you totally have to wear this brooch next time you visit St. Claude! (If you haven`t already!) That`s awesome!

  3. I've never been to St. Claude! But now I want to go visit the pipe! lol!


  4. woah!!! that's so cool!!! i love the monument!! that's freaking amazing!!

  5. That is soooo cool! I didn't even know we had a giant pipe monument here in Canada. Definite (vintage related in a roundabout kind of way) must-see for me now if I'm ever in that part of country.

    ♥ Jessica