Thursday, September 19, 2013

a second hand wardrobe: update

It has now been 5 months since I bought any new clothing items...well I did buy one new winter accessory shown below but overall not buying new has been going by pretty smoothly! I didn't find anything the month of August but early September found me a few great new additions.
Leopard scarf: I could not resist it. It is from joe fresh and is new. I just love the pattern and grey color, no regrets on breaking my streak.
Tweed blazer/jacket: (salvation army) this was a must despite living in a chilly climate I only own one winter coat and no fall or spring jackets so hopefully this one will tide me over until I have to break out my full on winter gear.
Peach chiffon blouse: (salvation army) this was a holy grail find for me. I always ogle these in vintage store but was holding out to find one while thrifting and I did. It fits me and it is near mint condition super pleased.
Crossing my fingers for sweaters next time I go thrifting...


  1. the chiffon blouse is so lovely!!! and you can never go wrong with a leopard scarf!!

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  2. Ooo I really love the jacket with the scarf, very chic! Great finds! :)

  3. That blouse is a fantastic find - and mint condition is even better - you have a great eye for thrifting!