Sunday, September 15, 2013

converted clip-ons

I have been mildly obsessed with converting old clip style earrings, last week I finally found the perfect glue that bonds to metal and was easy to use and apply. If you have ever had a hard time getting your crafts to work I 100% suggest gorilla glue epoxy! Not nearly as scary as super glue expoxy glue does smell strong but you can get it on your hands without fear. Once cured it is super durable and holds earring backs like no tomorrow.

Lessoned learned from making earrings:
* Not all earring can be easily converted, some times after you take off the clip there are welding bits left behind that can't be removed. You need to be creative and glue the earring post somewhere other than where you had thought you would, making the earring sit differently.
* Now that I see them I should have held out and bought gold toned backs to make the earrings looks more legit but I am impatient and used what I had if you want to do a nicer job do plan ahead.

Overall I am super pleased with my new earrings I have been wearing them out almost everyday since I made them. I don't recommend breaking up a pair of signed Shermans but if you find old clips for $1 and you know you will wear them I say go for it. I think vintage should be worn so if clips back are holding you up, convert them!


  1. ooohh i loved what you did there!!! beautifully converted earrings!! :D

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  2. well done. i can't wear ear clips and i really looking for a way to change them into normal earrings. hopefully my american mother-in-law can get this glue for me...

  3. That is a dandy idea!! Some clipons are gorgeous, but who wants to wear clipons these days?

  4. I love wearing clip-ons because I have sensitive ears, but this is the best idea ever! I totally agree. If you have cheap vintage earrings and you wouldn't wear them as clips, converting them is a fantastic way to go. So creative!

  5. Really like the idea. I also love the pieces you chose to photograph. You got some serious skills!

  6. now i dont have to pass up all the clip ons i see and love! thanks for the tip