Saturday, September 28, 2013


Even though I post about thrifting and thrift clothes it does not mean I don't ogle new clothes, in fact I really enjoying looking at new clothes online. Garmentory launched just last week and it is right up my alley!

The concept behind it is simple if you have ever said to yourself " I would totally buy that if it was {insert price you would pay}" There are no "prices" listed just the suggested full retail price, you are allowed to submit a bid at the price you would like to pay and the independent boutique owners have the chance to accept your offer, if it gets rejected you can try again!
The items on the site are all listed from independent boutiques, some I already follow on instagram (hello blush @blushshop) the items are unique and you are supporting a small business with each purchase.

My favorite part of the site is how easy the filters are. I tend to only look for yellow and knits online and this site makes it so easy!

Garmentory is  running a contest until October 8th for anyone who signs up they will be entered to win $500, to shop on the site. It is easy to do and you do not get e-mails sent to you everyday (I know I am already signed up)


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing! That's such an interesting concept. I am going to check that out!

  2. Oh boy, that looks exciting!! I signed up! Gonna take some time getting lost in the pretty things :) Thanks for sharing!