Tuesday, September 17, 2013

my week in vintage

My work was in shutdown last week and I decided to do a staycation and go thrifting and also make sure I got down to a few places I never make time for. Here was my week in vintage:
 I went to the goodwill in search of some broken jewels I could use for crafts, luckily for me they had a huge grab bag for $4 most of the items were pukka shells and mardi gras beads but there were a few gems I could salvage! I literally picked out all the gold and yes donated the rest back like a bad girl. I wasted no time converting the rhinestone earrings into post backs, the cuff doesn't fit me but it will make for a good gift. I was looking for gold chains and found two so it was all good. The 40's brass necklace is missing some charms but I will find ways to use them!
I made sure to make my way downtown and visit the new location (380 Donald) for Vintage Glory. It is in my opinion one of the best vintage stores in town even though I left empty handed (everything was a medium!!) I spent an hour just loving the decor and the clothes. I do regret not buying a lovely pair of cat eye sunglasses but with it being fall I was more in the mood for jackets and sweaters, another day... I didn't take many pictures since local photoblogger Leif Norman did an amazing job capturing the new location (click the link for sure!!)
I made sure to hit up my local value village in my week off as well. In the Halloween section they had quite a fabulous assorted on mint condition vintage! I have said this before but I am a weird thrifter I don't buy everything vintage I see but only pick the few items I will use and leave items for others to find and love. I adored the purple dress but really had no clue when I would ever wear it so I left it behind...A couple days later local blogger Lisa from butterflies and daisy's was shopping at the same store and bought the dresses! So glad to see them go to a vintage lover and not be used as a Halloween costume
I didn't come home with much vintage from my week of hunting it down but I had a lovely week.


  1. love the leaf charms!!! and those dresses are so charming!!

    Animated Confessions

  2. Love Vintage Glory - I've bought some really cute vintage brooches from there and other jewellery for gifts. Such a great shop! You just reminded me that I should try to go in there some time soon - I haven't been in for a while now. :)

  3. Value Village has the BEST stuff out at Halloween!!! There are always amazing finds in their non-commercial halloween section of stuff they save over the year just for halloween! Thanks for the reminder, I must go check it out! :)

  4. That brass leaf necklace is beautiful!!! I am envious of your four dollar find :)