Monday, October 7, 2013

New Garnier Fructis Volume Extend vs. Batiste

My stand by dry shampoo batiste was running low and I got swayed by the new ads from Garnier Fructis and their new volume extend dry shampoo. Here are my thoughts on the two and how they compare since I haven't done a vs in a while!
Basics: they are both the same size in shape the batiste is 120grams and the Garnier 96 grams. Both purchased by me.

Batiste (re-purchased many many times) $7.99-$10 at drug stores/grocery/walmart
* a full range of scents and "styles" to choose from they do offer a volume boosting version that I have not tried. They also offer tinted versions which I have tried but went back to the regular version.
* gets rid of the greasy look and feeling better than any dry shampoo I have tried (it is why I go back)
 * very easy to spray my cans have never got clogged and no product has even been wasted.
* the white powder is hard to get out of your hair, I know I spray it to close to my head than recommended but I have always found my hair feels powdery when I use this product regardless of how much product I use.

Garnier Fructis Volume Extend (new to me) $6.99 drug stores/grocery/walmart
* one scent which is citrus-y, it is strong and others will be able to smell your hair you can take that as a con if you don't like strong scents I am not sensitive to them and kinda liked having smelly hair for a change. 
* less white comes out of the can and it is easy to work through your hair.
* the can sprays really nicely like a hair spray with long spurts. 
* doesn't really refresh your hair as much as other dry shampoo I have tried, but that being said doesn't leave your hair with as much residue making it look more natural than other I have tried
* I really didn't notice much volume, it doesn't seem to be a combo of hair spray at all but simply a dry shampoo and because your hair is less oily it has more life. Nothing amazing.

Overall thoughts:
I think the Garnier version would work great for doing up do's or hair styles where you have just washed your hair but need it a little less shiny and with some grit. If you are going to be wearing your hair up with second day hair it should be fine as a dry shampoo but it is not the best at removing oil. Batiste is more an oil absorbing product for days when you want to sleep, it does take more time to work through your hair but really makes your hair feel better than it did when you woke up. I personally will re-purchase the batiste version again it is great to have on hand.


  1. i think i've tried the batiste before, but in general never really got the hang of using dry shampoo. it just felt weird for me. hahaha!! oh but in case you weren't aware, i know winners sell batiste for a cheaper price than drugstores here.

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    1. I 100% buy my batiste from winners! it is on the cheaper side they just have to have it in stock. I never like mentioning winners as a store because I never tend to find the same thing twice there.

  2. Dry shampoo? I have never heard of such a thing....this is so new it's awesome. I have to give this a try. Awesome post, as always.