Friday, November 22, 2013

holding out for my holy grail vintage

I am trying to really stick to my guns and come home with items on my thrift list and not get swayed by other items (for example when I post my thrift find for November....) The occasional random item will slip in but for now this is my updated holy grail thrift list. I am pretty sure many of these items are on most peoples lists.

milk glass, delphite and jadeite: (links to the product for sale on etsy)
milk glass is pretty easy to find I am now holding out for the more larger pieces and staying away from vases. I have the matching creamer and sugar bowl to this pitcher so it would be nice to find a similar one.
delphite: do I ever have a delphite story I found two of these refrigerator boxes one day at the goodwill. But also on that day I decided I was not a hoarder and only bought one, while I was washing my beauty I thought to myself whaaaaat did I just do! So now I am allowing myself to be a hoarder if I ever see two delphite pieces again I will be buying both just as a heads up to my fellow Winnipeg thrifters no more sharing.
jadeite: I have only ever thrifted one jadeite piece so I know this will be a hard thing to find but I just love these items so much.

After planning one too many outfits that revolved around vintage purses that couldn't hold both my keys and my wallet I have decide to try and choose function over beauty and look for larger sized purses.
embroidered bag: I was very tempted to just post a picture of Lisa's from butterflies and daisies embroidered purse because hers is amazing! But I found this one on esty I hope to find one while thrifting one day as they are quite expensive in the vintage retail market.
tooled leather bag: I don't own any of leather pieces and this black one from a local etsy seller has been catching my eye for quite some time.

a head vase 1 & 2
I am stubborn and although I have come across some affordable ($30) head vases at local sales I am holding out to find one while thrifting, I have been at it for 10 years and gosh darn it I will find one!

What items are you searching for when you go thrifting?


  1. Haha! Thanks for the shout out! I freakin' love that purse - and it was a thrift find! I have also been lucky enough to find two or three tooled leather purses in thrift shops as well over the years…so they are out there!

    As you know, I recently found my Holy Grail vintage coat, but for me, the non-negotiables, gotta-bring-em-home-or-I-will-regret-it-for-the-rest-of-my-life-items are: vintage clutches, ,especially if they are coloured and dresses. I just can't leave them behind.


  2. The pitcher looks so pretty.
    I rarely hear of a girl who sticks to her list
    when shopping...

  3. these jadeite pieces are so beautiful ... i suppose, i won't find them anywhere here in germany ...
    the tooled leather bag is totally adorable. get it!

  4. What an awesome list! I love each of these items as well - especially milk glass, ladies head vases, and both of those types of handbags. We must be on similar wave lengths, because I was just thinking a couple evenings ago that it was high time I sat down (planning to do so in the coming week) and really thought about what items are going to be topping my 2014 vintage wish list. Like most of us, I always have a huge vintage wish list in general, but I do like to focus on a handful of items in particular each year and then try to find as many of those as possible. Not too many of those from 2013 have happened yet, so at least a few will carry on into the next year (and however long it takes to find them). There are others however - such as a vintage horse saddle shaped leather novelty purse - which are newer editions and that I hope the thrift and/or eBay bargain gods will see fit to deliver my way. Likewise, I really hope you're able to find all of the pieces you're hunting for, too, dear gal.

    Happy Monday wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Can't wait to see your updated vintage wish list! I do believe we have some similar tastes and thoughts some times:)