Monday, November 18, 2013

local lovely: styled by spirituality
Today I am sharing a newly launched website called styled by spirituality. It is run by the amazingly friendly Reno and Adeline whom I actually met on Kijiji! I have worked with/for Adeline on some of her other projects and was asked to help them create a blog banner for their new site.

Styled by spirituality if I may quote their about page:
S x S is inspired by 9 to 5′ers, freedom seekers, soul searchers, entrepreneurs, and a desire to live a life of happiness, service, and purpose. Two souls, walking a parallel path, were serendipitously  brought together, and a mission was set into motion – make the the world a better place, inspire, educate, engage, share, have fun, be happy, and enjoy freedom. 

I personally think anyone who is say in their late 20's still finding themselves will quite enjoy the content put forth on this site. Adeline and Reno who can I say it again have amazing personalities are trying to make things happen for them by starting a business, finding new jobs and finding what truly makes them happy. I have been on this road myself the past few years and it is always great to read another perspective on it.

They have their foot in the Winnipeg fashion scene as well so I am sure they will post about the many local events we have going on in this city. They offer styling+ services as well please check out their portfolio and pass it along to whom ever you know may be interested.

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