Thursday, November 28, 2013

wrap with scraps

Here is the wrapping I did for my giveaway last week (the winner was Marissa of charmingshop life) I not going to lie but I had no clue what my plan was and this was a beautiful fluke! I was 100% raiding my pantry dumping out nutrigrain bars thinking I would be boring and just stuff everything in a box. Instead I looked in my craft box found some tissue used that as my wrapping paper (an old uncut sewing pattern would have also looked fab!) I took a gold doily (a staple this time of year) and managed to make a really good looking package. The tag I made from wrapping paper and glued it onto some card stock. I am super pleased with how this turned out and I will most likely be using this as my go-to wrapping for the rest of my gifts!


  1. It looks really lovely.
    You are so creative.

  2. This is so pretty! What a great idea! I'm always looking for beautiful gift wrapping ideas that are out-of-the-box.