Sunday, December 22, 2013

etsy update

It has been a little over 6 months since I opened up my etsy shop and with 7 more sales that I ever thought I would get! Some of my items expired and I choose not to renew them but rather donate them back into the thriftosphere, others I am still hoping will find a good home. I have added 2 new items from my stash. For the new year I hope to learn to be more patient and take better pictures (see the green purse listing) and maybe carve out more a niche than just items from my closet since I am running out of items I want to part with! Overall it has been a good experience and I hope to keep at it.


  1. I had an Etsy shop a few years ago. I liked the revenue, but hated dealing with shipping. I don't have a scale and always found calculating shipping costs a pain.
    Happy to hear your shop is staying open though…I must admit I've been eyeing that black 80's sweater you've got in your shop…


    1. ooh my shop is kinda ghetto that way I don't have a scale and kinda wing the shipping. I am trying to sell flat or easily packaged items since I know from sending gifts how much they usually cost. I have only been off by 50 cents so far so doing pretty good. You can always try on that top it looks so nice it is just a smidgen baggy in the arms for me so that tends to be a deal breaker for me.

  2. i've been thinking about opening an etsy shop and sell cute kawaii things. but like Lisa said ^^^ I don't want to deal with shipping. The green purse and the earrings look super cute! Also nice to see another Winnipeg blogger <3