Monday, December 30, 2013

top 5 thrift finds for 2013

2013 was the year of thrifting for me. Despite having previously worked in a thrift store I always enjoyed it but never really made it a monthly must do to until this year. In March I decided to try my luck out at only buying thrift store clothes I did very good and only cheated three times and twice was for leopard print (which is always okay in my books). Making a point to try and only buy second hand found me many treasures and I am going to keep it up for 2014.
My favorite places to thrift:
The Goodwill: I love the prices, they are always cheap and affordable the selection is not the best but when you do find a gem it is always something I haven't seen at other places (like jadeite or delphite!)
Value Village: Quantity is key here, it is hit or miss sometimes and I can go months without finding anything. The prices don't bug me; the things I love tend to be reasonably priced. I would say I shop here the most.
The Salvation Army: I have never had much luck here, I actually only go a few times a year which is probably why I don't find much but in general I have never found anything near holy grail so I have cut it from my route.
I always hope to make it out to small towns or little shops but I didn't this year, hopefully this summer! Here is a look at my favorite pieces from this year.

wicker purse $4.99 value village: This is a thing of beauty in person the bakelite and wicker are in perfect condition. I wish I could date it I want to say it is 40's. I found it late in the summer and hope to use it when it gets warmer.

beaded boucle cardigan $2.50 value village: I found this at a 50% off sale in the spring and although the picture doesn't do it justice it looks so lovely on. It is one of my favorite clothing items from the year.

milk glass creamer and sugar set $3.99 value village:  I have a thing for sugar bowls and creamers as well as milk glass, scallops and polka dots so I was beyond pleased to see this set. I have yet to find a similar set online or in retail. I use it as my office supply storage and it works great.

brooches $1.99 to $4.99 various thrift stores: In 2013 I was very drawn to brooches I made it a point to wear them more and I started upon a nice collection. I have added brooches to my thrift list and always keep an eye out for more unique pieces. I can't pick a favorite.

gold cut glass mirror $4.50 the goodwill: I don't own my own place so I try my best to not come home with a dresser every time I visit the goodwill and it is tough! I couldn't resist this mirror and for the price it was crazy cheap.

Was 2013 a good year for others in the vintage dept?


  1. As I was combing through my blog posts for the year I noticed how little I thrifted this year. 2 years ago I was in a thrift store every week, but this year I pulled back a lot. I find myself leaving more and more behind as well these days (which is good for my fellow shoppers!) and only bringing home items that really make my heart sing. I'm trying to focus on quality, not quantity. Occasionally I bring home some stuff when the price is just right (usually around Halloween) for the hoard to sell later on.

    I do love your purse and sweater! Great finds!! Proof that good vintage is still hiding out there among the junk.

    Happy New Year my friend!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Lisa! I have noticed in the past few months that I have really been leaving a lot behind as well. I have narrowed down the items I love and hope to find. I know we share the same haunts so I am sure there will be enough to go around in 2014.

  2. I have found this year I've been leaving a lot behind when it comes to shopping for myself as well. Although I have found some amazing things this year, and I was planning on doing a similar post;)
    That wicker purse is absolutely to die for, and the mirror is out of control beautiful. You really do have such romantic vintage style. Can't wait to see what 2014 holds for you!


  3. i love the black sweater that you found this year! such an amazing set of thrifted items here!

    lindsey louise

  4. That black cardigan is so, so lovely!!! The thrift store powers that be weren't overly generous, but I did have some really good vintage shopping luck during our trip to Alberta and also at two antiques & collectibles shows here in the Okanagan during the fall, so I can't complain about 2013 on that front. Fingers crossed we both have oodles of vintage shopping luck in 2014!

    Joyful New Year's wishes, my sweet friend!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. wow!! what a score with that mirror!!! gosh, i should really hit my local value village more this year! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. the wicker bag and the cardi are to die for! great finds at great prices!!!!
    when i was in the states past summer i was shocked about the prices at value village. i thought it was pretty expensive and i in 4 weeks i didn't found anything true vintage there.
    my best finds i made at st. vincent de pauls and especially in tiny thrift shops somewhere in the country side.
    the 100s of goodwills i went to seemed to picked already.

    i wish you tons of luck for thrift shopping in 2014.