Thursday, December 5, 2013

wrap with scraps part 2

After spending many hours searching on pintrest for cute card ideas I decide to go a slightly nontraditional route and make my own using yet again scraps from my craft box. I have always wanted to use cookbook pages for something and a holiday card seemed fit. I used the above battered and not first edition of The American Woman's Cook Book. There are not many pictures and the recipes leave something to be desired so I designated it as a craft book....
Using a blank card stock card I covered the front with the recipe page and trimmed to fit. I then quartered a doily (this beauty was from Micheals) and carefully glued it on. These look quite nice in person and I am pleased with how they turned out. How many more ways will I be able to use doilies this year...


  1. Oh! These are so pretty! I may be stealing this idea for Christmas cards this year…


  2. damn thats such a good idea! Im going to keep reading because i love vintage too and i can tell i will find great ideas on your blog!

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  3. These are so pretty, you now successfully convinced me that I need gold doilies.....

  4. These are so charmingly, classically pretty! What lucky recipients who find one of these handmade beauties in their mailbox.

    ♥ Jessica