Monday, January 27, 2014

thrifting paper

a recent letter I sent out.
I have been mailing letters more than usual lately and have been gotten a chance to start sharing/using my vintage stash of paper. I seem to come home with vintage paper more often than my holy grail items. Most people can over look the random bags or baskets at the thrift store but I love digging through them. If you are a crafter or like to mail letters here are a few things to look out for when in a thrift store. These items also make for great gift wrapping as well!

vintage sewing patterns: I have a box full of these. The images are so lovely and if you know some pieces are missing then it is fair game to use them as crafts. I often use the pattern paper as tissue paper when wrapping, the instruction sheets to make gift tags and the front covers to make cards. I can't get enough of these.
vintage wrapping paper: over the years I have found quite a few sheets and although I do have a tough time cutting them up I have gotten more in the habit the past few years. I would never wrap a whole gift in vintage paper but instead use a little piece to make a gift tag like in this diy.
vintage cards: These are always so adorable sometimes even if the card makes no sense for the occasion I often give them based on the artwork. The goodwill sells them for $0.10-0.25 and value village often groups them for $1.99 and up overall it is great to have a few in your craft box.
doilies: I can't get enough of vintage doilies I literally will use them for everything. Most people who know me can't get away without having at least one gift wrapped in a doily. I am a one trick pony when it comes to them..
random items: In my craft box I also have some vintage clothing tags, paper barbie clothes as well as vintage ribbons, buttons and pages from cookbooks....yep I like random vintage items
Finishing touches: Since my discovery of washi tape I don't know how I ever crafted before! My favorite Canadian washi tape seller on etsy is willowwashi. Most stores now sell them like the dollar store and Walmart so there is a lot to choose from and it is well worth it picking up a few rolls!

Anybody else come home with paper items when shopping at the thrift store?


  1. What wonderfully lovely ephemeral finds. I rarely unearth vintage paper products at the thrift stores here, though antiques & collectibles shows throughout the Okanagan can sometimes be good spots for such things (I nabbed a few lovely vintage travel postcards at one in Vernon last September for just $0.50 a piece).

    Thank you very much for the introduction to willowwashi, it's so awesome to have Canadian sources for crafting supplies.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I really love vintage wrapping paper and have a pretty decent stash of it. I always try to use it in a card or to wrap an entire gift if I can.