Tuesday, February 18, 2014

re-potting eyeshadow vintage style

Here is a look at something I did last week making use of some vintage compacts I never seemed to use. I also wanted to make some room in my make-up tray. I am not a huge eyeshadow girl but I do like to have a few neutral shades kicking around. I have been using a cheap-y pallet from Winners and figured I could transfer the shadows to something smaller. This really only worked because it was a cardboard pallet that I could easily break.
I took apart the cardboard and cut some of the bits to fit my first compact. I loosely glued the cardboard down, not really all too well. I will want to have my kitty back one day. I used double sided tape to hold down the eyeshadow cube. This works well for my dressing table but I won't ever be able travel with these.
I took another compact and placed my other favorite shades inside. It doesn't look as cute on the inside but it is much more functional than what I had before. There you have it, if only all my make-up could look this pretty!


  1. omg!!! very well done!!! that's really lovely dear!

  2. What a cute idea! Next time you could paste some vintage paper in the bottom of the compact before you secure the eyeshadow colours in. That would cover up the exposed bottom.


    1. Thanks Lisa:) I did put down some vintage paper but it wasn't the best choice, kinda bland.

  3. Awesome and completely clever howto, thank you very much for sharing.

    ♥ Jessica