Friday, February 21, 2014

thrift snap shots

After spending the last 3 months really thinking hard about my thrifting dollar I decided to not be as serious this week and let myself buy a few impulse purchases.
What I left behind:
yellow phone: I am proud that I didn't bring this home with me, it is yellow and gold all killer elements for me but I know I don't have the space for a decorative phone, poo!

What did come home with me?
orange enameled brooch: it was really hard to get the color right on this brooch. In real life it is the brightest almost neon orange. I love how over sized it is, perfect for spring when it finally comes.
glittery cardigan: this is a 60's piece and although I usually resist metallic threaded items I really liked how this one fit. It is over sized and boxy but feels so glamorous. The netting on the inside is mint I am just going to crop the sleeves to be 3/4 and it will be perfect for a night out.

I hope to get back in the habit of sneaking pictures inside the thrift store so be on the lookout for more thrift snap shot posts.


  1. I love these posts! Which thrift store did you buy the brooch at?! I love it (as I already said on instagram)!


    1. Thanks again Lisa:) All of these items including the brooch are from Value Village (the one in our area) I tried going to a few others recently and didn't end up buying anything but wished I had taken some pictures of the cute items I didn't so I hope I can keep up this type of post. I would love it if you did a similar one!

  2. the brooch looks pretty red on my computer ... anyhow, if red or bright orange, this brooch it a fabulous find!