Tuesday, March 18, 2014

etsy update

It has been nine months now since I decided to open up an etsy shop and in that time I have learned quite a bit about what sells in the vintage market. Most of the original items I had listed are expiring soon so my shop will be quite small in terms of selection very soon! (I will not re-list but donate them)
I still don't 100% have a clear vision for my shop I am pretty much living up to the name "Vixage" and having a mix of vintage items some ranging from the 40's to 80's.
I also haven't really been buying items specifically for the shop either only two I can say I saw while thrifting at a good price and decided to try my hands at re-selling. The rest of still coming out of my closet. Here is a look at the new items recently added!
This is one of the items that I thrifted a few weeks back and decided to try re-selling it. I have come across Vera scarves before but the pattern on this one is SO lovely. I don't wear silk scarves so I know as cute as it looks tied in a bow I can't pull it off. If it doesn't sell it is no problem it just means I will be "forced" to keep it. You can see more details here.

I have been holding on to these vintage invites for so long. I decided to let them go since I am pretty sure I won't be hosting a vintage themed party for quite some time, hopefully they find a good home. You can view them here.
I have had this silver brooch for a good 10 years as crazy as that sounds but the last 3 years or so I have not worn it. As much as I love older looking pieces my style tends to be more bright and quirky so I will let it be a find for someone else. You can see more of it here.

On another note over the weekend I perfected the little gift tags I was including with each order. I found an absolutely charming sewing pattern book and it has been working much better for gift tags than the regular sewing patterns I was using before, very pleased with how these are looking!
And lastly I had been holding on to this brass 1940's necklace for quite some time I tried wearing it to work and found it just wasn't me even though it was STUNNING. So I put it up in my shop and it no less than a few hours it found a good home. I have not had any sellers regret just yet....


  1. Ooo...that scarf is beautiful!

    I used to have an etsy shop, but got tired of shipping things, so I closed it.


    1. I am pretty sure I won't get in the habit of buying things for the shop but using it as a way to sell my past items. I find it very weird buying things to sell I like picking out my own things and if someone happens to like what I have picked out than it is all good!

  2. Oh I LOVE your new gift tags! And the butterfly scarf is a great pick. And yes serendipity and "luck" are a tricky thing. People like to say it is hard work and passion and yes you have to have these two things but there are plenty of people who have both these qualities and things do not fall in to place the way they do for another person with the same exact qualities. This is the mystery. Karma perhaps? Who knows.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC