Sunday, March 23, 2014

local thing to do: take your clothes off clothing swap!

I have been a volunteer for this event in the past and I absolutely adore the concept. This year however I will be working that weekend and cannot attend, nuuuuuts! If you live in Winnipeg definitely think about donating and making out to this event.
The idea is simple drop off your items at one of the above locations with your name and contact info they take inventory of what you brought and you get one ticket for each item you donated. When you go to the swap you check in and they will give you your tickets to get swapping. You are allowed to pick out as many new items as you have tickets for. It truly doesn't matter what you choose to swap! Please note this is a charity fundraiser for the Kids Help Phone it is $7 for advanced tickets and $10 at the door.
To pre-order your ticket visit here.
or follow the SWAP team on facebook

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