Tuesday, March 4, 2014

show and tell: vintage purses-updated

Local blogger and vintage lover Lisa has been sharing her vintage purse collection and I just love seeing what others thrift and collect. Here is a look at what my current purse collection looks like. Over the years I have really cut down buying purses and have given most of mine away.  I use the above storage box as my guide, my rule is one in one out....I am now holding out for the most super fabulous purses I have ever seen while thrifting and it has been tough! (After posting this the spring cleaning bug hit me and I ended up donating 5 of my purses so here is whats left)

My holy grail finds:
wicker purse: I thrifted this during the fall and can't wait to use it this summer definitely one of my favorite pieces.
tooled leather purse: I treated myself and bought this at full retail off etsy, it is the first purse I have ever paid full price for but it is worth every penny. It is beautifully worn it and I may even make this my everyday purse once I no longer need to store gloves and scarves in my purse.
black beaded purse: I have had this one the longest and it is my most used purse. It is the perfect size and so easy to wear.

white bubble bead purse: I really like these types of bags and this one gets used quite a bit in the summer.
Black beaded purse: I found this one while thrifting the day I dropped off a bag full of purses, it always seems to go that way. I love this one though, I had been holding out for a plain black beaded bag.
yellow embroidered purse: I bought this off etsy after lusting for embroidered bags for so long. It is a tad small for my liking but will adds a nice bit of color.
floral make-up bag and change purse: Both of these hold things for me in my current day bag. I hope to thrift a bigger change purse in the near future.

And there you have it, not the biggest selection but I like having the room and option to add more when I see them. 


  1. Great collection! I really love your tooled purse and wicker handbag in the first photo. So pretty!

    Soo….if I want to buy the white 60's beaded clutch should I purchase it on etsy and you can refund me the shipping? or do you want to meet up to do the deal?


    1. If you like that purse (wasn't sure if it was your style by the other purses you posted) you can certainly have it. I never trust myself to drop things off at the right house (so bad with direction) so yes we can meet up or you can pick it up from my work what ever works best for you:) Just e-mail me what you would like to do.

  2. stunning collection!! each piece is a stand out!! :D

  3. You have such an eye for thrifting - I never see anything pretty like these :)

  4. Your collection is so splendidly pretty! I especially love the floral ones (so girly and springtime perfect!). You and Lisa are knocking my socks off with your awesome purse collection posts (and making this that perhaps this fellow Canadian lass should do a similar post of her own one day).

    Big hugs & many thanks for all of your lovely recent blog comments,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* It touched my heart to know that I help inspire you to want to dress up more. That's such a lovely thing to hear. ♥