Thursday, March 6, 2014

thrift snap shots

No thrift find this week, but I was slightly creepy and took pictures while wandering for treasures.
I can't help but ooogle fur everytime I see it. I don't own any partly because I always wuss out and feel that I would never wear it, next time I find a piece that fits me though...These two labels and jacket linings were too nice not to photograph.
ooh dear the Goodwill by my house has now started to label things "vintage" first time I have seen this and it made me laugh like they needed to justify the $1.50 price tag because it is "vintage" This table runner did have a stain and the others weren't as cute as this one.
I also noticed that the value village by my house may have got a new pricer some things seemed a bit crazy in terms of price. These cat planters were $6.99 for both $4.99 perhaps?
There you have it my last week in non shopping.


  1. You would definitely need both but $6.99 each thrifted is too much. I enjoyed your non-shopping shopping trip :)

  2. I have a lot of vintage fur and I have yet to wear one of my full fur coats outside I know the feeling.
    I am however, gearing up to wear my fox stole out in the spring. I've only ever worn him out once and it seems like such a shame.