Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April thrift finds +

April kinda sucked in the thrift dept I spent a whooping $5 at Value Village and the Goodwill this month. But I made up for my savings but making my rounds to the spring antique sales, flea markets and vintage shops. I do this twice a year so I figured I would post what I don't mind paying full retail for. Although after this month I will be back to strictly thrifting my finds.
mink collar: $3.99 Value Village I have always wanted to own a little bit of fur and this collar has done the job I no longer urn for it anymore. I love the colouring and fit of this piece.
mini spoons: 0.50 each the Goodwill possibly having coffee at little sister coffee maker one too many times has made me fall in love with mini spoons. I don't want anything touristy so I am happy to have found these two fancy ones.
My full price vintage retail pile was doing good until a trip to Rhymes with Orange which killed me. I had bought a pair of vintage frames from there but after finding out my prescription was too thick for them I  took them back to exchange them which lead to me finding some extra bits...
embroidered purse: *coughs* not cheap after commenting on Lisa's purse one too many times I figured it was time I just bought one. Although I love the black versions I am holding out to thrift one (it will happen one day!). The ones for sale at Vintage Glory were ooh so nice but were much older (1940's) and I felt I wouldn't be comfortable using them. So this dove gray version won me over. It is large and functional but not too precious to use, most likely from the 60's judging by the zipper. 
coral slip: this was part of my exchange for my glasses. It is my size just a tad too long so me and it will have a date one evening where I will be hand sewing a new hem. I have not been able to thrift vintage slips in so long it was an okay purchase.
yellow stripe fire king bowl: this was also part of my exchange at Rhymes with Orange I am being strict and only buying yellow bake ware. This bowl is cute and in great condition.
delphite plate: I bought this at a local etsy sale put on by W.E.S.T from bitchin' kitch 'n' kitchen her stock always gets me... I though this would match my lonely tea cup but it doesn't not a big deal I love it anyways.
jadeite planter/vase: also from the etsy sale and bitchin' kitch 'n' kitchen I have had my eye on this piece for months the price was less than half of internet retail so I bit the bullet and bought it. I may put a plant in it or use it as storage either way I am in love with it.

There you have it my full round-up of vintage finds for the month. Anyone else have good vintage luck this month?

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  1. Aww...I'm sorry to hear your glasses didn't work out. :( But your purse is VERY adorable! I say, as long as you use it often it is well worth whatever you paid for it.