Wednesday, April 23, 2014

my week in vintage-ish

not my pictures taken from @tinyfeast and their instagram account. These two pictures sealed the deal for me to go.
I had to run some errands downtown and it was a perfect excuse to hit up some shops in the exchange. I will admit I am pretty bad at getting myself downtown and maybe go 2-3 times a year!

My first stop was to tinyfeast a specialty paper goods shop. The glittery bakers twine and gold pencils had my name on them. The store itself is gorgeously laid out and very well stocked. I just didn't seem to be in the mood to treat myself to any of the items I came in for. It is a lovely shop and I will be back and not to just ogle items.
My next stop was to Rhymes with Orange I was hoping to go in and find some yellow pyrex, a new change purse or possibly a new cardigan but came out with something even better. I finally got my hands on a pair of vintage metal brow line frames. These fit perfectly, now I hope I can find an optician who will be able to put new lenses and nose pads on these beauties. The price point was perfect and way cheaper then if I had broken down and bought them off etsy, happy to support a local shop for sure!

I made my way down to Vintage Glory (and the Princess street goodwill, but nothing was there...) I didn't find any items to buy at Vintage Glory but my lover from six months back was still there. There were quite a few nice embroidered bags but this one was the biggest and most expensive at $75. I am not quite ready to pay that price for a purse just yet. I hope the thrift gods see this picture and let me find one soon for cheaper!

I have a few more local shops that I neglected all winter to visit and then my spring get me out of the house list will be done!


  1. Take your frames to Osborne Spectacle. I took my vintage frames there. It only cost me $149 dollars and I had them back in three days. My brother took his vintage (20's round wire rim) specs there too. They have a guy that specializes in vintage - I think his name is Ken - great guy. Very helpful.

    Your posts like this officially make my "shop my closet" challenge the hardest!! I am desperate to go thrift shopping today. lol!!!


    1. Thanks Lisa, I am sorta having a bit of buyers regret on the frames as much as I would love to rock vintage frames I feel they would clash so much with what I normally wear. I tend to pile on the accessories so I will think about what to do with them.
      I have had such bad luck at the thrifts that I decided to head out the "real" shops for a change although nothing in the clothing dept tempted me!

  2. I have to say, they all sound great, sound like a fun. I love days like that. And that is pricy but gorgeous.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  3. Fabulous find on those glasses!!! If it wasn't for my pesky nickel allergy (always a risk with metal framed specs unless you know for certain that they're made from nickel-free metals), I would love to rock a similar pair myself.

    Fingers crossed that the thrift gods here your plea and deliver a similar, equally gorgeous, vintage stitched/tapestry bag your way. (If I see any for a steal online, I'll let you know right away.)

    ♥ Jessica