Monday, May 5, 2014

pretty baking

I have not been doing very good at learning how to cook actual meals but I keep reverting back to baking. I figured I would share my top go-to tricks to making my baking look pretty. I am actually very lazy in the kitchen I put up a real good front. Sure I have many inspirational baking pictures saved on my computer but I tend never to use them but go with what I know.
For me I personally don't like much icing, so finding a way to using icing sugar and cocoa as a dusting has been a game changer for me.
plastic doilies: Years back before I was 23 (I used to work at a thrift store and I bought them at work one day) I found a bag of plastic doilies. At the time I almost didn't get them because it really is something very weird for someone so young to be buying.  I am glad I decided I was truly in deed weird and bought them, now I use them almost weekly.  I have 8 that I have cut up into varying shapes and sizes and I try and use them on pretty much anything I bake. You can buy them off ebay for a whopping $24-34 for a set. I would love to thrift some more but haven't come across any since discovering my love for them.
almonds: Besides being delicious they are the perfect shape for flower petals. It is very hard to get ones in good shape I have a huge bag and most of them aren't usable for flowers it is time consuming but it is one decorating tip that I think is worth it. For the first image a banana bread muffin I placed the almonds on top of the batter before it cooked, some became blown out but overall it worked pretty good. For my cheesecakes these were placed on after and looked so cute.
glaze: I really like flavoured glazes. If I am making cookies or doughnuts! I try to make them in a cute shape where the cookie can be dipped and forgotten about. It is much easier than making full on sugar cookies and I think looks just as nice. You can't go wrong with sprinkles so finding glamorous gold ones was a real treat.

Overall I search dollar stores, Bulk Barn and Winners for interesting items that can be used for baking. Sometimes something will sit in my cupboards for months or even years I am not going to lie but when I find a use for it it all makes sense.

Feel free to share your favorite tricks to making you baking or cooking look like it took a lot more time!


  1. The plastic doilies are a great idea!!! I love the look of the petals they create!

  2. great ideas! thabnks for sharing ... :)